What will happen on the Halo ring in the Halo show?

By Nicholas James


Apr 29, 2022

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The first Halo ring finally made its appearance in the sixth episode of the Halo show, a Paramount+ exclusive that takes place in the same universe as the Halo games. Here’s what fans can expect to happen next.

The Halo show’s sixth episode ended with Master Chief and Makee being granted a vision of what seems to be Installation 04, the Halo ring from the first Halo games. The titular Halos have been conspicuously absent from the Halo show, and this appearance is the first instance of the Forerunner weapon being seen.

With the Halo rings finally revealed, where will the show go next and what can fans expect?

Halo ring revealed in the Halo show

After an episode focused on the specifics of Master Chief and Makee’s connection as “Blessed Ones,” Master Chief interacting with the Forerunner Keystone has revealed the Halo ring. The ring being introduced accelerates several points of the Halo timeline that will likely happen before the end of the season.

Here’s what the introduction of this Halo ring will likely mean for the story of the live-action adaptation on Paramount Plus.

The first and foremost event that needs to happen before Master Chief and the UNSC can reach the actual Halo ring is the fall of Reach. Reach is the human fortress world at the center of much of its military action, home to the enormous UNSC facility in which much of the Halo show takes place. Makee, the human defector to the Covenant, is now being held captive by the UNSC on Reach.

The Covenant assault on Reach and it subsequent destruction is what causes the Pillar of Autumn to make an emergency jump to the Halo ring in the first Halo game. The Covenant understands the importance of Reach and throws an overwhelming military force at the planet once they learn its location.

The Halo show seems to be setting up Makee to be the reason that the Covenant is able to find Reach, resulting in the destruction of the planet at Master Chief’s flight to the Halo installation.

If the Fall of Reach is happening in the first season, it’s unlikely that Master Chief will actually set foot on the Halo ring in the first season of the Halo show. Instead, this season seems set up to tell the story of the Fall of the Reach, likely ending up the first season with the iconic of the Forerunner superweapon floating in space.


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