What trends will dominate iGaming in 2022?

By William Davis


Feb 20, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

The iGaming industry continues to thrive thanks to technological advancements. If the last decade is anything to go by, the growth has been in leaps and yards. This industry now accounts for tens of billions of dollars a year.

So, what exactly is iGaming? The term might sound quite complex, but the premise is actually simple. It’s all about placing a wager via the internet. That encompasses casino games, sports bets, video gaming, esports, and more. 

It’s important to note that the greater chunk of this industry caters to sports betting and casino games. That’s why the best online casino reviews are becoming even more sought-after. People want to know who they can trust with their wagers and where they can get the best games. And while the esports industry might not be as big, its recent developments have propelled its growth.

We look at what we can expect of this industry in 2022 and how these trends will shape our gaming experiences:

Mobile Gaming

How much time do you spend on your phone? Most people spend every waking minute around these gadgets. They set alarms on them, catch up on meetings using apps, text, call, go online, etc. So, it makes sense that gaming providers would find a way to ease online gaming. It’s now possible to place wagers on your phone through mobile apps or mobile browsers. 

But it goes deeper than even that. In regions where desktop access is limited, esports players have taken to playing on their phones. All they need is a good internet connection and a smartphone. And with 5G connectivity, the gameplay has become more accessible and stable.

Virtual Gaming

For a long time, VR gaming was but a dream. That was until a few casinos launched VR casinos. Players could now follow every minute of the game as if they were in a land-based casino. Even so, this concept is still in the developmental stages owing to the high costs. 

But in the esports sector, the aspect of VR only makes the games even livelier to the fans and players; it creates the illusion of a real game, making the wagers even more enticing. And as we inch closer to the metaverse, we can rest assured that this concept will be quite present in the future.

Alternative Payment Methods

Blockchain technology keeps growing and is now used in more than financial transactions. But let’s focus on cryptocurrencies as a form of deposits and withdrawals. Players who would rather keep their identities secret when wagering can now use crypto in their payments on betting sites. So, why have these digital currencies become so popular?

  • The speed: The transactions don’t last five days like wire transfers. Players can get their money within a day.
  • Anonymity: Using credit and debit cards requires you to furnish a site with your details. But crypto users can skip these stages.
  • Security: Why link your bank to an online site when you can use an alternative and safe way to make deposits?

Of course, the issue of legality comes up in some regions. But for now, more sites continue to accept these coins as payment. Some e-sports sites have already come around, and more are set to follow suit.

Can we leave out the metaverse? It might look like a far-off idea now, but with more developments in 2022, this platform will become more of a reality. Esports players and fans can hardly wait for the day when their favorite players will be avatars in this alternate universe!


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