What to expect from Ruination, the first League of Legends novel

By Nicholas James


Mar 21, 2022

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The first full League of Legends novel, titled “Ruination,” is making its way to bookshelves later this year.

The novel will revolve around the Ruination world event that took place in 2021, hoping to redeem a narrative that originally drew a mixed reception from fans. Divergent versions of the story made it hard for fans to follow a cohesive narrative, and complaints about tonal mismatch and confusing narrative choices were commonplace among fans of League of Legends lore. The novel by author Anthony Reynolds is a new chance for one of Runeterra’s greatest adversaries.

League of Legends novel Ruination to release in September

League of Legends’ first proper novel was first announced on Twitter by Riot Games, showcasing the studio’s first foray into full-length traditional narrative ventures. Author Anthony Reynolds returns from penning Garen: First Shield, a novella released in late 2020 that followed the captain of the Dauntless Vanguard in the wake of Sylas’ mage revolution.

The cover of the novel depicts Viego’s Zweihander, the item known in-game as “The Blade of the Ruined King.” In the background stands a misty version of Kalista, who is killed by Hecarim after refusing to slaughter the inhabitants of the Blessed Isles for Viego. Kalista was noticeably missing from the Ruination event, and this novel may offer her a chance to resolve a huge part of her narrative.

At a whopping 400 pages, the length of Ruination offers many champions who fans felt were pushed to the side a second chance to engage with this crucial lore event for their region. As Viego moves to conquer Runeterra, more space can be given to members of the Shadow Isles roster who took a back seat to the Sentinels of Light event that was pushed through the League of Legends client.

The new League of Legends novel goes on sale on September 6, 2022 through Hachette Book Group. It can be purchased in both ebook and hardcover editions.


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