What is wrong with TFT? Pro player k3soju has an idea

By Nicholas James


Feb 20, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Professional Teamfight Tactics player Michael “k3soju” Zhang took to Twitter to air a long list of complaints about the game’s current state for both casual and professional play, and many TFT players agree that something is wrong with the game today.

k3soju has rapidly become one of the most popular English-speaking Teamfight Tactics streamers, being signed to Cloud9 in August 2019. k3soju has earned a reputation for being vocal about parts of TFT that he doesn’t like on his stream. He recently decided to compile all of his complaints about the current state of TFT into a singular document and publish his thoughts on social media.

k3soju addresses Hextech Augments and three-trait champions

The new Hextech Augment system has been a smash hit with casual Teamfight Tactics players, and even top-level players have been appreciative of this new system. However, k3soju has picked out a specific issue with the progression of what he classifies as economy and combat augments in the game. In the post, he separates augments into those that affect your economy and those that affect combat.

k3soju’s primary complaint is that weak economy augments are still offered later on into the game when they’ve lost a ton of their potential value. Rich Get Richer takes the key focus here, with its appearance in stage three and four offering far less gold by the end of the game than it does as a stage one offering.

Another key issue that he highlights as being wrong with TFT is the oppressive nature of three-trait champions at low costs. k3soju cites the previously powerful opener of Sentinel Skirmishers with Irelia and Olaf in the previous set, comparing them to new units Rek’Sai and Sejuani. Both Rek’Sai and Sejuani offer three synergies, which can mean easier transitions and more powerful starts consistently.

Are pro players happy with competitive TFT?

k3soju signs off his statement by saying that very few pro players are happy with the current state of Teamfight Tactics. After changing from one singular consequential tournament in the last set to a long series of prequalifying rounds, k3soju says Riot Games is overcorrecting with regards to competitive TFT and making it even more arduous for committed pro players to qualify.

In the end, it seems that this view on the future of TFT is a worrying one, with fewer opportunity for top-level pro players to capitalize on their abilities.


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