Astartes Warhammer Plus

What is Warhammer Plus and what’s on it?

By Nicholas James


Apr 10, 2023

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Games Workshop has released its very own content-streaming website, here’s everything you need to know about Warhammer Plus.

After the massive success of the fan-made animated short called Astartes, Games Workshop decided to start up its own content service. From painting tutorials to animated series to exclusive miniatures, you can get a lot through the website. Here’s everything you need to know about Warhammer Plus.

What is Warhammer Plus?

Warhammer Plus, or Warhammer TV, is an exclusive streaming service run by the creator of both Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar, Games Workshop. There are a wide variety of series and options available on the platform, here are some of them.

It costs USD $5.99 per month, or USD $59.99 if you pay a lump sum for an annual subscription.


The series that arguably started it all, Astartes was a five-part animated short about Space Marines boarding a mysterious enemy vessel. Gorgeously rendered by creator Syama Pederson, who now works for Games Workshop’s animation team, it’s a delight to watch. Astartes is the short that proved just how successful 40k animations could be, prompting the creation of Warhammer Plus.

Hammer and Bolter

A lower quality of animation than Astartes, Hammer and Bolter is an anthology series that takes fans through a variety of stories in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The stories cover everything from Ork folk tales to stirring thrillers of planetary evacuation. Hammer and Bolter is a great way to learn about the 40k universe.

Hammer and Bolter is meant to be a wide-lens view of the grim darkness of the far future, a way to hit on things happening all across the Milky Way Galaxy rather than being focused on any one event. Some episodes have significantly higher quality than others, but overall it’s still quite an enjoyable dive into the 40k universe.

The Exodite

The Exodite is an animated series focusing on a planet that is caught in a battle between the T’au Empire and the Imperium of Man. After a powerful Eldar continues to sabotage democratic attempts by the Tau, they take matters into their own hands. An elite strike force is sent to capture the Eldar so that diplomatic efforts may continue. This strike team ends up encountering more than they expected, as the conflict with the Imperium of Man climbs to new heights.

The Exodite is short, but it places the Tau as the protagonists of the story, something that’s rather rare among Warhammer 40k media.

Angels of Death

A fully-fledged animated short series, Angels of Death is about Blood Angels boarding an enemy vessel and the adventures, and misadventures, that ensue. Angels of Death has an incredibly stylized look, with most of it being in black and white. The only other shade added to the animation is red, which works quite well in a series starring red-sporting Space Marines.

Angels of Death is one of Warhammer Plus’ better series, but it’s still quite short and lacks the polish of Astartes. Nonetheless, it’s a fun watch, especially if you’re a Blood Angels fan.

Angels of Death Origins

Angels of Death Origins is exactly what it sounds like, a prequel to the Angels of Death series that is also available on Warhammer Plus. Specifically following the adventures of the ship featured in the Angels of Death show and its shipmaster, Angels of Death Origins will be made in the same stylized animation aesthetic as its precursor.


Interrogator is a very interesting thriller series that follows an Inquisitorial interrogator trying to uncover the secrets behind a supposed scheme. This is a one-off animation that doesn’t evolve into a full series for obvious reasons once you’ve watched it. Interrogator is a two-dimensional animation that evokes the paranoia of the Inquisition and the Imperium of Man very well.

Pariah Nexus

Pariah Nexus isn’t out quite yet, but it looks to possibly be Warhammer’s longest animated series. Pariah Nexus is set inside a zone of psychic nullification known by the exact same moniker as the show. The Pariah Nexus is an area with absolutely zero psychic activity that is created by the Necrons in order to shut out the Warp.

The models in the Pariah Nexus trailer seem to be the same assets as those that were shown in the Warhammer 9th edition launch trailer. The Pariah Nexus played a big part in the start of 9th edition’s storyline, and the series looks to be fleshing that out more fully. It will revolve around Space Marines, Imperial Guard, and Sisters of Battle fighting against the Necrons.


If you’re looking to dive into the incredibly deep lore of Warhammer 40,000 or Age of Sigmar, there are lots of resources. Loremasters is the official lore-focused show from Games Workshop covering a variety of topics. While there are tons of lore resources, this one is straight from Games Workshop itself.

Battle Report

Battle Report is exactly what the same says, recorded matches of Warhammer 40,000 edited together and broadcast by Games Workshop for fans to watch. These matches don’t tend to be the highest level of competitive play, but it can be fun to watch the creators of the gameplay hold matches between one another.

If you’re looking for the pinnacle of tactical acumen, however, it’s probably best to look at YouTube or other resources.

Painting Masterclasses

Warhammer Plus also includes excellent painting tutorials taught by Games Workshop’s painting team. Warhammer is a multi-faceted hobby, and these tutorials can help you step up your painting game. It’s hosted by some of the best hobby painters in the world, and Games Workshop is more than happy to share those resources.

There’s even more available than just these, but those are the main attractions. From learning to play to deep dives on lore, Warhammer Plus has it all.


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