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What is the Warzone 2 meta in 2023?

By Melany Moncada


Mar 11, 2023

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Understanding the Warzone 2 meta is almost as important as having good aim. The changes that come with every update dictate what are the best and worse weapons to use.

In gaming, META stands for the Most Effective Tactic Available. In a game like Warzone 2, it refers to the best weapons in the game after an update.

Patch notes tend to be long and full of numbers that might not mean much at a glance. It’s hard to believe that nerfing a weapon by 1% might do much, but in reality, it could render said weapon completely useless.

Best weapons in Warzone 2 meta

At the time, some of the most popular weapons in Warzone 2 are:

  • ISO Hemlock, AR
  • KV Broadside, Shotgun
  • Lachmann Sub, SMG
  • Sakin MG38, LMG
  • Raal MG, LMG

The only sniper in the top 10 is the Signal 50.

There are different reasons why these weapons are ranked above all the other options available in the game. The most important is, perhaps, speed. A weapon that can shoot and load faster will give a player the edge. The range is another factor that determines the effectiveness of a weapon.

It is important to keep these statistics in mind when creating a loadout drop.

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A loadout drop is a mechanic in Warzone 2 that allows players to access their preferred weapons rather than picking up whatever is available in the battle royale.

Players choose what weapons are included and when to activate the drop. The drops are available through Loadout Drop Grenades that can be purchased through the Shops, formerly known as Buy Stations. Here, players can pay $5,000 for their primary weapons.

Full loadouts are no longer available. Players can acquire the primary weapons and then obtain the rest. One method to get the rest of the loadout is through a public drop. These drops are available for all players, so whoever gets there first can claim it.

The second option is clearing a Stronghold or a Black Site, these are challenging tasks, but at least are private.


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