What is the UPL? Everything you need to know

Nicholas James • October 2, 16:09

The Unified Premier League, previously known as the Upsurge Premier League, is an amateur, academy, and collegiate competition in League of Legends. It pits some of the top academy rosters against amateur teams to further develop North America’s talent pool. Unified Esports provides the main venue for collegiate and academy mixed play in North America, and the UPL is just that.

UPL is the designation for Unified Esports’ central league system for League of Legends. Much like traditional professional play, UPL is run in seasonal rounds. However, unlike the LCS’ splits, UPL’s competitions happen more than once a year. Most recently, it launched its fall competition, the largest UPL has ever organized.


While academy rosters for LCS teams may be notably absent from the list of teams, this isn’t meant to be like the Proving Grounds competitions that Riot Games hosts. The UPL is intended to specifically highlight collegiate and amateur talent. With players from past powerhouses like Maryville University and two teams from Winthrop University, there’s no lack of hungry rookies. Watching the UPL can be a great way for League fans to relax and enjoy some bloody games.

The gameplay might not be as precise or perfectly coordinated as on the highest professional stages, but it’s concentrated and action-packed League of Legends.

Alongside its professionally oriented leagues, Unified Esports also host community leagues. If you’re feeling like assembling four of your friends and taking to the rift to do battle against other competitively-minded folks, there are few better ways to do it than with Unified. The fall season also allows you to get to know up and coming stars in North America like Jake “Mabud” Riley revealing the origins of his in-game moniker.


If you’re itching for some good old brawls before Worlds begins in earnest, tune into the UPL to see everything it offers.


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