What is the future of esports gaming?

By William Davis


Oct 28, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Over the course of several years of hard effort, esports betting has evolved into a fascinating and thriving industry behemoth. 

Once viewed with skepticism, betting on esports events has become a huge industry with huge potential profits. Research suggests that esports may soon join traditional sports like football, tennis, and the NBA in terms of the total amount wagered. Esports betting seems to have a promising future, but what will that future look like?

Since the middle of the 2010s, the esports industry has expanded at a breathtaking pace. As gaming has become more widely available and sophisticated, the number of people actively playing these games has grown across the globe. Esports has emerged due to the competitive nature of games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which lies at the core of the gaming industry. By 2024, it is expected that around 577 million people throughout the globe will have seen an esports event. For instance, most of the best slot games in India have grown in popularity because of the use of videos.

But what does this information mean for the esports betting market as a whole? How do current players and gamblers influence the future of esports betting? 

How did esports evolve?

One might make the case that the esports betting industry is only getting started. Several of the best bookmakers in the world have started providing esports betting markets, although their options may be limited and uninspiring at times. However, in recent years, several betting businesses with a specific emphasis on esports have emerged, offering unparalleled esports betting opportunities. These sites thrive on the inherent variability of the esports market, offering betting lines on almost every competitive game out there.

Although the traditional sports betting market has remained mostly intact, new developments are taking place inside the confines of the esports betting industry. Betting on esports will continue to evolve with the gaming industry.

Current esports gambling avenues

For a long time, skin betting—placing bets using a kind of in-game assets rather than cash—offered a largely unregulated outlet for gambling in places where esports gambling was outlawed. Fans, often minors, would waste a lot of real money purchasing loot boxes in hopes of pulling a rare skin they could sell for profit. This was done without regulation and verification, which led to skewed odds.

In contrast, several jurisdictions that have authorized esports betting provide a wide range of supervised wagering venues. Esports betting, in which real money is exchanged for the chance of winning an esports event, is allowed in many jurisdictions. Fans may bet on the winner of a match, the champion of a tournament, or even proposition bets like who will score the first goal. Furthermore, jurisdictions that allow conventional daily fantasy sports also allow daily fantasy esports.

How can I get a good esport gambling site?

Bets on traditional sports like football, tennis, basketball, and others may be placed via a variety of online bookmakers. Betting on video games is taken very seriously by bookmakers because of its legal status as a sport in a number of nations. That’s why they provide a wide variety of sports to gamble on. This comparison of US-facing betting sites should make it easier to zero in on the best option for you.

Only esports games are accepted as wagers on dedicated esports betting sites, like League of Legends, CSGO, and Dota 2. While some betting sites may focus on a certain genre of a video game, the vast majority offer wagers on a wide variety of esports. They are user-friendly and provide quick access to data on any of the many esports events and betting options of interest to the individual user.

The years to come for esports will undoubtedly be exciting.


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