What is SteveWillDoIt net worth in 2022?

By Melany Moncada


Dec 1, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Content creation is not an easy occupation. Every day, millions of videos are competing for people’s attention online. A creator that seems to have cracked the code is SteveWillDoIt, who amassed an impressive net worth.

Stephen “SteveWillDoIt” Deleonardis is an influencer from Oviedo, Florida. SteveWillDoIt started his career with prank videos, buying expensive cars, and giving gifts to strangers. SteveWillDoIt content also includes gambling and the use of recreational substances. He’s been involved in several controversies due to his political views. SteveWillDoIt is part of the Canadian group of YouTubers NELK Boys.

On August 1, SteveWillDoIt’s YouTube channel was deleted from the website. According to an email sent by YouTube to SteveWillDoIt, his channel was removed due to severe and repeated violations of the community guidelines. Despite losing his personal channel, he still is part of the NELK Boys videos.

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What is SteveWillDoIt net worth?

SteveWillDoIt was said to have a net worth of $3.5 million. That number might be affected by his removal from YouTube. According to the NELK Boys, they made over $23 million through their own NFT Collection. The collection sold out in minutes, with each Full Send Metacard going for $2,300. At the time of this article, the Full Send Metacard is selling for $799.

Other sources of income for SteveWillDoIt are the sale of merch and his hard seltzer brand called Happy Dad. Some reports have linked SteveWillDoIt with illegal gambling and cryptocurrency sites. According to the information, SteveWillDoIt profited from bets made on these sites using his referral code.

SteveWillDoit recently revealed that he lost $1 million in Bitcoin from FTX. He is currently selling FTX Christmas sweaters on his website.

While banned from YouTube, SteveWillDoIt uploads videos on Rumble where he has 317K subscribers, nowhere near the four million he had on YouTube. In Rumble, he featured controversial creator Andrew Tate. On Instagram, SteveWillDoIt has almost four million followers.