Silent Hill F

What is Silent Hill F? Everything we know about the prequel

By Olivia Richman


Oct 20, 2022

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A new Silent Hill game is underway, and here’s everything known about it so far.

Silent Hill is an iconic horror franchise that has gamers still obsessed with the popular sequel Silent Hill 2. During the Silent Hill Transmission event, fans learned more about the future of the franchise, including information about a brand new game.

Silent Hill F will be the next mainline entry of the Silent Hill franchise but it looked a lot different than fans expected. Silent Hill F will be a prequel that takes place in a Japanese town. In the trailer, a bright, red light follows a panicked schoolgirl. When it seemingly catches her, she starts to mutate, a horrific scene that already has horror fans excited.

What does Silent Hill F mean?

The “F” in the title is based on a musical sign known as the forte. In sheet music, seeing forte means to start playing louder. It’s currently unclear what the name has to do with the plot or gameplay. But it’s definitely left a lot of players curious.

What’s the plot of Silent Hill F?

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The short announcement gave a little bit of insight into Silent Hill F.

The game is set in Japan during the Showa period, which is between 1926 and 1989. That puts Silent Hill as a prequel to the original Silent Hill in the series. This has gamers wondering if they will learn more about what happened before Silent Hill to make it such a horrifying place.

While the town could be totally different from the location in Silent Hill, there are some elements that tie both games together already. In the Silent Hill F trailer, the schoolgirl is seen dragging a metal pipe along the floor, immediately reminding horror fans of how Pyramid Head drags his own weapons in the Silent Hill games.

Silent Hill 2 remake in the works

The Silent Hill Transmission event also revealed a Silent Hill 2 remake. The game will be developed by Blooper Team, the same developers behind another horror game, The Medium. Silent Hill 2’s concept artist and composer will also return for the remake.

There is currently no release date for Silent Hill 2 but it’s expected to arrive before Silent Hill F.

Silent Hill 2 will only be released on PlayStation 5 as a 12-month timed exclusive. It will also release on PC. It’s currently unclear if Xbox players will be able to play the Silent Hill 2 remake.

The remake will be very similar to Silent Hill 2 when it comes to gameplay and aesthetic. There will be some improvements, however, like the addition of the over-the-shoulder camera angle to make players feel even more immersed.


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