What is new in Fortnite patch v23.50?

By Melany Moncada


Mar 1, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

Fortnite is implementing major improvements to Creative and Save the World with changes dropping in patch V23.50.

In case you didn’t know, Fortnite is more than building, staying within the circle, and emoting on your dead enemies. The game has two additional modes for players to explore, Fortnite Creative and Fortnite Save the World.

While these are not as popular as Battle Royale, these allow players to explore the Fortnite universe in a slow-paced environment.

Fortnite Creative changes in V23.50

Fortnite Creative is a sandbox game within Fortnite. In Fortnite Creative, players enter a private island that can be shared with other 99 players. The host can customize the rules on the island.

Players can host minigames and other competitions with their friends. Each player can own up to four private islands. Fortnite Creative is the best way for players to safely practice skills such as building, a fundamental part of the game.

In the most recent update, Fortnite introduced a massive change to Hiding Props with hidden travel. Starting in patch V23.50, players can travel from one hiding prop to another. The host can set it up so players who hide inside a particular prop travel to another prop and jump out.

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The host could also set it up at random, and it will be a surprise what prop can teleport players. When a prop is chosen for hidden travel, it temporarily becomes invulnerable.

V23.50 also improves the experience for players setting up their private battle royale. The Battle Royale Island loot controllers have been improved and now have more options. The decisions taken by the host now can directly affect the loot chests.

Fortnite Save the World changes in patch V23.50

Fortnite Save the World is a cooperative hybrid third-person looter shooter tower defense sandbox survival game. This is quite the combination, making it a complex yet entertaining game mode. Players must scavenge for items, share resources, craft weapons, and build structures. Fortnite Save the World is the only paid Fortnite game.

Players take on the role of a commander, who is in charge of one of the remaining safe havens for humans. Players split their time between managing the resources at the safe house and adventuring into the outside world, where they complete quests and collect resources.

Outside of the base, they will encounter humanoid zombie creatures who are on a mission to destroy humanity, known as Husks.

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V23.50 adds two weekly challenges. In Quantum Countdown, a bomb is teleporting throughout the base, and the Husks are trying to destroy it. Quantum Countdown is a wargame challenge that will make players think fast and act fast.

On week seven, scheduled for March 8, doors will appear near the enemies. Husks that go through the door will be teleported close to the player’s base. Husks who travel the doors will also come out the other way with elemental effects.

V23.50 will also see the return of the Valor questline. This is the perfect opportunity for players to recruit Major Oswald. As part of the team, Major Oswald increases the damage taken by the Husks.


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