What is Makee’s plan after the Covenant abandoned her?

By Nicholas James


Apr 22, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Episode five of the Halo show ended with Makee being jettisoned from a Covenant ship and left with the UNSC, but what is Makee’s plan and why did the Covenant abandon her?

Makee is a human woman taken in by the Covenant after she interacted with Forerunner technology, a sign of divine favor to the religious aliens. At the end of the Covenant assault on the Eridanus 2 artifact recovery site, Covenant assault pods are fired into the ground and Makee is revealed to be inside. Why did the Covenant abandon Makee and what is her plan for the Master Chief and the Forerunner artifact?

Why did the Covenant abandon Makee?

The Covenant seems to have warmed up to the idea of using Makee, the human defector, as a mole inside of the human military by playing on the fact that the UNSC is unaware any humans are actively aiding the Covenant. This is how Makee and the Lekgolo worms infiltrated the UNSC Gladius and killed its crew, with the UNSC assuming that any human in Covenant care would be a hostage of some variety.

The Prophets appear to lean into this line of thinking even more at the end of the Eridanus 2 assault, sending Makee down as a fake abandonment. Given that no member of the UNSC Gladius survived Makee’s betrayal of trust, the UNSC doesn’t know about her previous undercover operations. Makee seems set on uniting with Master Chief as “Blessed Ones” and finding the Halo rings. While Master Chief is unlikely to help, Halsey’s assistant Adun may be the vulnerable target she needs.

It seems like Makee has been deceived by the Prophet’s religious thinking and believes that it’s the humans who interact with the artifact that are special, rather than the artifact occasionally giving humans the ability to interface with it. During an extraction attempt, the Forerunner artifact on Eridanus 2 appears to do to UNSC scientist Adun what it did to Master Chief.

Adun is likely to be an easier mark for Makee than the Master Chief. In the episode six preview, Makee refuses to speak to anyone but the Master Chief and seems to be trying to sway him towards betraying the UNSC.


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