What is included in the WWE 2K22 Season Pass?

By Melany Moncada


Jan 11, 2023

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The WWE 2K22 Season Pass grants the players access to the DLC, the Legends available, and so much more. The game has been out for a year already, but without a formal announcement about WWE 2K23, it is still a good time to purchase the Season Pass.

2K Games was open since the beginning about the future of WWE 2K22. The game would have five DLC and nothing else, a decision that didn’t sit well with fans who hoped to get more out of the game.

One element in the game proved to be successful, the MyFaction game mode. MyFaction is a card game where players build factions, complete challenges, and earn points. It is a single-player online game. Players do not compete against each other live, but instead, they face other players’ decks. It is structured this way, so it doesn’t become a pay-to-win game.

MyFaction is the most profitable game mode in WWE 2K22, and many expect the franchise to put more emphasis on it in WWE 2K23. It is possible that a PVP version of this game mode is included, fans have been asking for it since its release.

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WWE 2K23 is yet to be announced. According to different sources, more information about the upcoming installment in the franchise will be announced by the end of January. This announcement could come during the 2023 Royal Rumble.

What does Season Pass mean in WWE 2K22?

A Season Pass gives the players access to additional content. It doesn’t affect in any way the basic game experience. The Season Pass doesn’t mean an advantage in-game, it is simply access to content.

Players can purchase the WWE 2K22 Season Pass in their console stores. It sells for $39.99. The Season Pass includes the MyRISE Mega-Boost with 200 additional Attribute Points and Supercharger, which unlocks all base-game WWE Legends.

What are the 5 DLC packs for WWE 2K22?

The 5 DLC packs are Banzai Pack, which features Yokozuna, Umaga, Rikishi, Omos, Kacy, and Catanzaro.

The Most Wanted Pack features, The Boogeyman, Cactus Jack, Vader, Ilja Dragunov, and Indi Hartwell. The Stand Back Pack includes The Hurricane, Stacy Keibler, A-KID, Wes Lee, Bonus MyFACTION Cards, Booker T EVO MyFACTION Card, and Seth Rollins Sapphire MyFACTION Card.

The Clowning Around Pack comes with Doink the Clown, The British Bulldog, Mr. T,  Doudrop, Rick Boogs, and MMA star Ronda Rousey. The final DLC pack is called the Whole Dam Pack and features RVD, singer MGK, LA Knight, Xia Li, Commander Azeez, Sarray, and Youtuber Logan Paul.

All the characters include the MyFaction card.

Does the WWE 2K22 Season Pass include the nWo?

The Season Pass is included in the nWo 4-Life Edition, players don’t need to buy it twice.

How do you use WWE Season Pass 2K22?

Buying the pass grants you access to the content, and there are no additional actions needed. All content will go to the inventory, and players can start using it. Getting the Season Pass is the best option to unlock all the characters available in the fame.


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