What is a Blessed One in Halo and is Master Chief blessed?

By Nicholas James


Apr 15, 2022

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The Halo show has begun to introduce the idea of a subsection of humanity that is able to interact with Forerunner technology, but what is a Blessed One?

The first episode of the Halo show introduced the concept of a human living amongst the Covenant. The person a girl named Makee who the Prophets referred to as “Blessed One.” As the show advances, it becomes clear that Makee’s elevation to a holy status is due to her interaction with Forerunner technology. At the same time, Master Chief has his backstory changed to include an incident with Forerunner Technology on Eridanus 2.

What does Blessed One mean in the Halo show?

Humans who are considered Blessed Ones are those who have interacted with Forerunner technology.

The Covenant worships a seemingly extinct race known as “the Forerunners” due to mistranslations and lies from religious leaders known as the Prophets. The Forerunners left their interstellar empire to be reclaimed by humanity, and the Covenant sees humans who can interface with the technology as holy and blessed by their gods. Master Chief and Makee are being set up as mirrored elements, children whose interactions with the Forerunner technology will forever alter humanity’s course.

Both Master Chief and Makee are trying to unravel the mysteries of the Forerunner Keystones, which lead the way to the sacred rings known as Halos. Forerunner technology can sometimes be activated by functionally any human in base Halo lore, but the Halo show seems to have decided that this capability is one restricted to certain figures. There is still an element of mystery to the specifics of Master Chief and Makee’s connection to Forerunner technology.

The third episode sees Miranda Keyes trying to test if other Spartan members of Silver Team are able to activate the artifact, to no avail. Whatever it is that makes Master Chief special, it’s not his superhuman augmentation and brainwashing. The Halo show is setting up some serious revelations about Master Chief and why Forerunner Technology is so compatible with him.


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