What game is free on the Epic Games Store this week?

By Nicholas James


Dec 29, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The Epic Games Store is one of the best ways to get free games on the internet, the massive online gaming retail space gives away a game that would normally cost money. If you’re looking for a way to expand your video game collection, tuning into the Epic Games Store is a great way to do it.

This article will be a regularly-updated way for you to check on what’s available through the Epic Games Store. Sometimes Epic Games will also offer time-sensitive free games around events like the winter holidays and Christmas. Here’s what’s free this week in the Epic Games Store.

What’s free in the Epic Games Store this week?

All you need to do to claim the free games in the Epic Games Store is to install the Epic Games Launcher or use the Epic Games Store website and navigate to the Store tab, found on the top left side of the user interface. From there, scroll down to find Free Games section. It should be below the featured sales and suggested games at the top of the page. There should be a horizontal display bar that includes any free games for the week. This section will also display other time-limited giveaways from Epic Games.

This week’s free games: Adios and Hell Is Others

There are two free games this week on the Epic Games store. The free games this week will be available until February 2, when a new set of free games will make their way to release. This week’s free games are Adios and Hell Is Others.


Adios is a narrative game focused on following through with a difficult decision. You play a Kansas pig farmer who has been letting the mob use his swine to dispose of corpses. One October, you decide that enough is enough and decide to turn away a hitman who is an old friend. The game focuses on narrative and storytelling above gameplay, and you’ll spend the majority of your time in dialogue prompts and listening to dialogue. However, if high-paced action isn’t what you’re looking for and you can appreciate a well-woven story, Adios might be just the game for you.

Hell Is Others

Hell Is Others is a top-down extraction shooter with horror elements. You play Adam Smithson, an inhabitant of Century City, where blood is currency. In order to care for your bonsai tree and yourself, you need to venture out into Century City to find loot and kill enemies. Some fans describe it as Escape From Tarkov mixed with Hotline Miami. Hotline Miami players will certainly feel familiar with the top-down gameplay, while Tarkov players will recognize the process of loading into a map and immediately worrying about how you’re getting out and what loot you need to grab.


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