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What are the orientation matches in Apex Legends

By Melany Moncada


Feb 25, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Season 16 of Apex Legends, called Revelry, features some interesting changes, including a better experience in the orientation matches. These changes are making the game more accessible than ever.

Learning a new battle royale can be challenging. First, you must learn every about loot, weapons, and how to move around the map, and on top of that, there are players trying to take you out. Apex Legends is dealing with it through the orientation matches, a mandatory experience for any new player.

What are orientation matches in Apex Legends?

Orientation matches are a training tool meant for new players in Apex Legends. In the orientation matches, players take part in a Battle Royale game against bots. It works just like a regular Battle Royale game, but the opponents are low in difficulty.

The orientation matches are as close to a real game as you can get. There will be other players in the match, but the majority of participants are bots. It is a beginner-friendly match, and while the bots don’t represent a real threat, it is a good opportunity to understand the basics.

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The same ammo, shields, and resources from a regular game will be available in these matches. Taking down enemies is the goal of the game, but learning how to move around the map and becoming aware of your surroundings is as important as having good aiming.

In the match, you can easily identify which opponents are bots. These are identified and have a random name.

How many orientation matches do you play in Apex Legends?

The goal of orientation matches and training is to teach players the basics. If you are entering Apex Legends with a level one account, these steps are mandatory. Jumping into a regular game and getting blasted by veteran players is not fun, especially if you just picked up the game.

Players don’t stay in this stage for long. If you get the bearings of the game and win a couple of consecutive games, the system will allow you to drop into a game with real players. If you fail to win the orientation matches, the system might keep you on this tier for a little longer.

Once you have completed the necessary orientation matches, the option will disappear from the menu. Orientation matches are not available for players unless they are invited to a party that is going through this step.

How do you complete orientation matches in Apex?

To complete the orientation matches, the only condition is to play the matches until you win or get eliminated. Abandoning a game in the middle won’t count, it is important to play the matches.

What ranks can play together in Apex?

Apex Legends limits the ranks that can queue together. Players can team up with others that are one tier above or below them. For example, a team can consist of a Platinum player and two Diamond players. In that case, the player with the highest rank will determine the placing or tier of the opponents. It means harder opponents for those with the lowest rank in the team.


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