What are copium and hopium on Twitch? We explain for you

By Olivia Richman


Dec 20, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Sometimes it seems like gamers have their own language. You’ve finally learned what “poggers” means, but now you’re seeing the word “copium” all over Twitch. What does it mean, and how do you use it?

What does copium mean on Twitch?

Copium is two words combined, playing on both words’ meanings. The first word is “cope,” which means to effectively deal with something difficult. The second word is “opium,” an addictive drug. Basically, if someone feels defeated or is experiencing failure, they might inhale this theoretical new drug called copium to better deal with their feelings.

The meme and emote that came from the term depicts Pepe the Frog crying while inhaling copium.

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Where did copium come from?

Like most words and memes found all over the internet, copium as we know it started on 4chan. The first recorded use of copium online was in 2018 when an anonymous 4chan user wrote the word on the /int/ board.

A Twitch user named COUNCIL decided to use the word as a FrankerFaceZ emote on the streaming platform. While it’s not as common as “poggers” and “sadge,” copium has found its place on Twitch over the past few years. It was first broadly used by Republican voters on Reddit and Twitch to mock Democratic voters who were upset when Republican nominee Donald Trump won the US presidential election in 2016.

Later on, the copium meme started adding a “Make America Great Again” hat to Pepe the Frog. It was then used to make fun of Republican voters who were claiming the following presidential election was rigged after Democratic nominee Joe Biden defeated incumbent Donald Trump to become president.

How is copium used on Twitch?

While it has a political background, people now use copium as a response to any situation where someone appears defeated over a scenario or frustrated after an argument.

The emote is often sent to people to mock them for their response to these situations. But the word copium can also be used in a variety of ways. This is usually as a noun, saying things like, “Your supporters are high on copium.”

The word is now often used in relation to esports. Fans of a particular player or team who are looking for reasons to believe in them despite poor results are often said to be high on copium.

What is hopium?

Hopium is a word derived from copium. It often means that someone is addicted to false hope or irrational and potentially annoying optimism. It can also refer to a state of self-pity someone with delusions may find themself in when they don’t reach the potential they once believed themselves to have had.