WePlay! Clutch Island’s closed qualifier guide, full schedule

By Nick Johnson


Jun 16, 2020

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WePlay!’s Clutch Island CIS tournament is moving full steam ahead, with WePlay! announcing the groups for the closed qualifier to the second Regional Major Rankings tournament of ESL One Rio.

According to a post on Twitter, the groups are all set for closed qualifiers of Clutch Island’s first stages. The organizer released both the groups and the schedule for the remaining stages of the tournament. Clutch Island has a prize pool of $50,000 and an increased amount of Valve’s new Regional Ranking points.

WePlay! Clutch Island closed qualifier schedule

So far, Clutch Island’s group A is ahead of the pack, with ESPADA boasting a strong 2-0 record after matches against Nemiga and HellRaisers, while Nemiga is in second place in the group after losing to ESPADA but rebounding off of Moscow Five Academy. Group B’s Gambit Youngsters and forZe have won both of their matches so far against Syman Gaming and CR4ZY respectively, but that tie won’t last for long. The two teams will face off against one another today for the top spot in group B.

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The rest of Clutch Island’s closed qualifier schedule is as follows:

Clutch Island closed qualifier stage two schedule

Wednesday (June 17)

9:00 a.m. EDT –  Decider Match Group A
12:00 p.m. EDT –  Decider Match Group B

Clutch Island closed qualifier finals schedule

Thursday (June 18)

7:00 a.m. EDT –  Syman Gaming versus 
8:00 a.m. EDT –  Initial Match #2 Final Group
11:20 a.m. EDT –  Losers Match Final Group

How to watch WePlay! Clutch Island and why you should pay attention

All of WePlay! Clutch Island’s CSGO action is available on the WePlay! Twitch Stream.

As for why fans should tune in, that’s a more interesting question. Across all CSGO regions, from Europe to the CIS to North America, top teams are floundering. Astralis is in the middle of some serious trouble, Team Liquid is getting dumpstered by young upstarts FURIA, and Natus Vincere looks lost. Small tournaments like these are absolutely perfect for new fans looking to get into the sport, and they’re even better for CSGO players who want to see something a little different.

CIS teams play differently than their European and North American counterparts and that switch of styles can give players their own ideas when throwing down in a game of FACEIT or Valve’s matchmaking. WIN.gg’s video on the CIS region’s slow style is a perfect example of what can happen when these teams come together.

The winners of Clutch Island’s closed qualifiers will move onto the main event, where they’ll face down teams like Natus Vincere and Virtus.pro for a slice of Regional Ranking points, the same points needed for teams to qualify for the upcoming CSGO Major in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Whether it ends up being perfect Counter-Strike or a more chaotic affair, players shouldn’t sleep on WePlay!’s Clutch Island.


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