Week 17 mission guide for the Diretide battle pass

By Kenneth Williams


Dec 22, 2022

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Diretide week 17 will be full of tower hitters, sentry wards, and legs.

Diretide is now in its final three weeks, which means that every remaining level is even more precious. There are only nine left to earn from the weekly missions, so it may even be worth activating old bonus weeks to squeeze everything you can out of them.

However, for those already caught up, here’s out mission guide for Diretide week 17.

Diretide battle pass week 17 mission guide

Diretide week 17 missions

Star Player

To earn the first three stars from Direttide week 17, click on the giant green Play button on the bottom right of the screen and wait until you find a game of Dota 2. Then, play the match. Once you’re done, this mission will get one tick of progress. Repeat the process by clicking the green Play button for each one, and remember to hit accept when the match comes up. Do this 15 times, and boom. Three levels. 

Season’s Greevilings

Scoring taffy is really the whole point of the Diretide game mode, but Valve is rewarding players with more than just a win this week. This missionary awards up to five stars for depositing a total of 150 taffy into enemy wells, but the standard three stars require just 60. Agile heroes like Queen of Pain, Morphling, and Void Spirit are great for scoring those last few before Roshan comes into play. Just remember to watch out for the guardians.

Kind Of The Point

Valve is a little hypocritical with this mission. Instead of the defending their own ancient as the game’s title implies, this mission asks players to make progress towards destroying the enemy ancient. Stars are rewarded for 5,000, 15,000, and 50,000 total building damage, which isn’t too difficult to accomplish across multiple games. Statistically speaking, the best heroes for the task are Lone Druid, Lycan, Nature’s Prophet, and Terrorblade.

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Who Watches The Watchers?

Buying sentry wards is probably the least-glamorous task in all of Dota 2. They’re expensive, have short range, and are only really useful in fights against certain enemy heroes. Purchasing 20, 40, and 80 of them will grant one star each for the Diretide battle pass, so try to play against as many Rikis and Bounty Hunters as possible in week 17.

Channel Changer

This is a second mission that really relies on the enemy team to get done. Channel Changer rewards stars for canceling five, 15, and 30 enemy channeled abilities. Only a fraction of the hero pool has spells to cancel, but TP Scrolls are universal and used dozens of times per match. Heroes that can cancel them from far range like Vengeful Spirit and Zeus are the best option, though most of the roster can make it happen.

Every Day Is Leg Day

Can you imagine making a silly joke ten years ago and having it mechanically referenced in your favorite game? That’s exactly what happened to Bruno, and we all love him for it. Every Day Is Leg Day pays tribute to the legendary personality by asking players to win with heroes featuring a total of 45 legs. Anyone riding a horse is a good option, through Broodmother spammers can get it done particularly quickly.


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