Week 12 mission guide for the Diretide battle pass

By Kenneth Williams


Nov 17, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

The Diretide battle pass has reached week 12, and it really seems like Valve is running out of ideas.

While last week’s set of missions included one of the hardest we’ve seen yet, week 12 turns things down a notch considerably. Most of the missions in this week can be completed by just playing the game as normal, though our mission guide can get you through week 12 in as few games as possible.

Here are this week’s missions and the best heroes and strategies to claim three stars on each one.

Diretide battle pass week 12 mission guide

Diretide battle pass week 12 missions

A Player Of Games

Week after week after week Valve starts things with the same mission, but considering its relative ease, perhaps we should be thankful. This task requires players to play 15 matches of Dota 2 throughout the week. Eight is enough to earn two stars, so feel free to come back to Diretide week 12 this week once you’ve cleared out another.

Wasted But Not A Waste

The Diretide game mode has already lost most of its steam, but week 12 provides another incentive to play it. This missions asks players to collect taffy that was dropped by a slain enemy hero. It scales all the way up to 200 for all five stars, but 80 is enough to claim the standard three. Heroes that can quickly collect dropped candies like Queen of Pain or Puck can pick off enemies and steal their sweets for themselves.

Take It Back

Blade Mail is a key item for only a few Dota 2 heroes, but expect to see it a lot more over the next week. Take It Back requests 4,000, 20,000, and then 40,000 damage reflected with the item. Tanky heroes with taunt effects like Axe and Huskar are viable options, though other carriers like Spectre and Bristleback can also get the job done. The classic strategy of popping five Blade Mails in front of a Kunkka may be even more effective in Diretide week 12.

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Aghanim First And Foremost

Aghanim’s Scepter is a core item on too many heroes to count, and finishing it fast is a great way to start snowballing. Players earn progress on this mission by picking up Aghanim’s Scepters before the 30 minutes mark. Great heroes for this are Pudge, Zeus, Invoker, and Razor, which doubles as a great opportunity to flex his new arcana.

Tower Terrorizer

New players may not even realize that they get bonus gold for the last hit of a tower, so this mission is here to teach them. Last hitting all five can be done in a single game with a little luck and patience. The task can be done with any hero as long as players keep track of how much damage their attacks deal. Click on the tower to check its health and wait for it to get below your damage number. Then, click away. Getting right up close makes it easier to time, even for ranged heroes.

Unprovoked Slaughter

Unprovoked Slaughter assigns players with killing neutral creeps. One star is awarded at 30, 120, and 300 total last hits. This mission is as simple as a battle pass weekly can get, and a good game on a flash farmer like Luna or Medusa can get it done in just one match. Support players may have a slightly more difficult time, but 4s and 5s with jungling potential like Crystal Maiden or Keeper of the Light can peck away at it across multiple matches.