WBG Huanfeng wanted to poison his coach, says ex-girlfriend

By Nicholas James


Apr 15, 2022

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The ex-girlfriend of Worlds finalist Tang “Huanfeng” Huan-Feng has come forward with allegations that the pro player abused her and told her he wanted to poison his ex-coach at Suning Gaming for drinking from his water bottle.

In a series of posts by the ex-girlfriend of Chinese professional player, referred to as Sis Lychee by the Chinese community, Huanfeng was accused of emotional and physical abuse as well as cheating. In the same post, she alleged that Huanfeng wanted to poison his then-coach Huan “Fenfen” Chen after the coach drank his water.

Huanfeng allegedly wanted to poison coach Fenfen

In a series of leaked texts, Sis Lychee showed texts with Huanfeng where she sends a photo of her bruised hand to the professional player. This injury was allegedly sustained when Huanfeng violently twisted her arm.

In the texts, Huanfeng appears to take accountability and admit to injuring his girlfriend. Sis details further physical and emotional abuse from the Chinese marksman player.

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In the same thread, Sis claimed Huanfeng had spoken about wanting to poison his ex-coach as revenge for drinking his water bottle. In another series of leaked texts, Huanfeng is clearly irate after Fenfen allegedly takes his water bottle from his desk. After Sis Lychee jokes that Huanfeng brought it on himself, Huanfeng says that he should buy some poison.

Huanfeng then said he should turn off the cameras in the rooms and put poison in his water. This could be a morbid, angry joke but combined with the allegations of serious abuse, it’s a worrying occurrence nonetheless.

These allegations only continue a series of publicity nightmares for the world’s largest league, between having a player suspended for match-fixing and one of their premiere teams’ star players outed for alleged abuse.

There have been no official responses from the LPL, Riot Games China, or Weibo Gaming regarding the shocking accusations. The story exploded on social media when fans caught wind of the scandal, meaning an update could be coming soon.


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