Watch a Chinese pro player lose a duel to a minion on stage

Christian Vejvad • March 4, 19:09

It was a tough day at the office for Rare Atom’s top laner Dai “Cube” Yi, as he was taken down by a heroic minion in an LPL match against eStar

A very unusual situation occurred in a recent match between LPL’s Rare Atom and eStar. Rare Atom was on a mission to continue its winning streak against eStar, one of the bottom teams in the league. Rare Atom did go on to win comfortably, but that’s not what stuck out to viewers. In the first game of the series, Rare Atom’s Cube got confident enough to dive eStar’s Zhang “zs” Shuai in the top lane after chunking his health with Jayce. In a clean fashion, Cube got the kill and seemed to barely escape, but minions had other plans.   

Right after it seemed that Cube had gotten away with a sliver of health, a minion followed him into the bush and attacked Cube. With just 18 health remaining, it didn’t take much for the minion to finish Cube. After just a couple of attacks, it happened. 

What’s even more unfortunate for Cube is the fact that he had omnivamp, which could have easily saved his life if he had fought back against the aggressive minion. Omnivamp is a stat that grants healing equal to a percentage of the damage dealt. If Cube had seen the minion in time, he could have started auto-attacking it and survived. Sadly for Cube, the minion was too sneaky and it wasn’t recognized before it was too late. 

Despite the unfortunate death for Cube, Rare Atom ended up winning the game in a 2-0 fashion and is now on a six-game winning streak in the LPL. With a 7-3 record, Rare Atom is fighting for the top spot in the league, which was unexpected by most analysts. eStar is fighting at the bottom of the standings with a 2-9 record, but their minions are doing everything in their power to help them win.  

What does LPL mean?

The League of Legends Pro League, also known as the LPL, is the biggest competitive LoL league in China. The league contains 17 teams and is leading directly to the League of Legends World Championship and other international events. The LPL is one of four major leagues along with the LCK, LEC, and LCS. The LPL is hosts two former world champions in Invictus Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix. 

Where can I watch the LPL?

For Western viewers, the LPL is broadcasted live on Twitch as well as on the LoL esports website. The broadcast is usually on every day of the week during the regular split, so there’s always a lot of LPL games to catch live. 


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