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Warzone 2 money glitch gives players maximum money

By Nicholas James


Nov 29, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

A new Warzone 2 money glitch is giving players $1.3 million just for clicking a single button.

Players have recently discovered that if a player tries to pick up loose money off of the ground in a Warzone 2 match under specific circumstances, they’d be rewarded with a massive influx of cash. Players all over the world have been trying to recreate the glitch in order to get a free windfall.

Here’s how the Warzone 2 money glitch happens and how it was discovered.

Warzone 2 money glitch maxes out cash

The Warzone 2 money glitch that players have discovered involves trying to pick up loose money off of the ground while it is nearby to a weapon on the floor. If done correctly, something inside of Warzone’s code bugs out and doesn’t let the player pick up the money. Instead, the money stays on the ground and the player’s inventory is filled with the maximum amount of money that they can carry, which ends up being around $1.3 million.

The trick to the glitch is to aim so that the weapon on the floor is highlighted, but the on-screen prompt giving information still displays the pop-up for the stack of cash. At that point, all the player needs to do is press the relevant button for picking up items and they will be flooded with cash straight into their inventory without moving the pile of cash on the ground.

The issue hasn’t been patched as of yet, so fans looking for a quick way to earn XP and pocket cash in the game are still able to use the bug to their advantage. It likely won’t be long until it’s patched out of the game, as the developer is sure to not want an effectively-infinite money glitch in the game.

The glitch appears to work in both DMZ and the battle royale mode, and remains in the game at the time of writing.


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