Walking Zenyatta in the Workshop is the stuff of nightmares

Olivia Richman • July 4, 2019 2:00 pm

Who remembers when Overwatch finally let Zenyatta walk

Even though many fans have regretted asking for a walking Zenyatta since witnessing such horrors, prolific Workshop creator DarwinStreams has created another walking Zenyatta. And this walking nightmare has become proof as to why Zenyatta should continue floating instead. 

Here’s a tranquil, floating Zenyatta. Notice the peace sign and overall serenity of this image: 

Zenyatta workshop walk

And here is Darwin’s creation: 

Zenyatta workshop walk

While DarwinStream’s Zenyatta has its legs dangling to the floor, anyone who dares watch the video can see that the Zenyatta in this workshop still doesn’t walk. Instead, it hovers above the ground, dragging its legs along with him. Paired with the Zen-Nakji skin, it’s pure nightmare fuel. 

Reddit users were not pleased. 

“This is the single most cursed thing I have ever fucking seen,” one person said. 

Another stated that they started off confused, then sick, before finding acceptance and a primal fear. All within four seconds. For this, they thanked the creator.

The walking Zenyatta is also a mystery. Workshop doesn’t allow players to make actual changes to character models or animations. It’s still unknown how Darwin was able to get Zenyatta to uncross his legs and eerily drag them instead. Some fans are speculating that Darwin has Zenyatta locked in his jumping pose, but Darwin has never stated how he did this. Probably in hopes that nobody will use this discovery for the purest of evils. 

The workshop mode’s code is also not available to the public. 

Interestingly enough, DarwinStreams is the creator of the most popular Overwatch Workshop mode in the world: OverFighter. Like Tekken or Soul Calibur, OverFighter has a few select heroes duke it out in a three-dimensional arena. The popular Workshop is complete with finishing moves. 


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