Wacky glitch lets Weaver attack up to 6 times at once

Kenneth Williams • July 31, 06:05

Through an obscure combination of friendly heroes and items, Weaver can activate Geminate attack twice in a row.

The possible glitch takes advantage of a unique interaction between Echo Sabre and Lycan’s Aghnaim’s Scepter upgrade. Echo Sabre allows melee heroes to strike twice in quick succession, but ranged heroes don’t benefit from that useful passive. By turning Weaver into a melee unit, he can throw out up to six attacks in a single animation.

To perform the bug, have a Lycan with Aghanim’s Scepter use Wolf Bite on a Weaver with an Echo Sabre. Now that Weaver is melee, he will be able to use Echo Sabre’s passive double-attack ability. Weaver’s passive Geminate Attack is what makes this interaction work. Instead of just activating on the first attack as expected, Geminate activates again for the second Echo Sabre hit. 

That’s four hits in the blink of an eye. Add in Weaver’s level 25 talent for a third Geminate Attack and he can deal six hits in an instant. Weaver hits extremely hard thanks to his high agility gain and built-in armor reduction. Six attacks are enough to make nearly all supports and squishy cores explode.

Lycan’s Aghanim’s Scepter is a pretty solid late-game item. Wolf Bite grants his ultimate ability Shapeshift to any friendly hero, turning them into a speedy melee wolf. Echo Sabre for Weaver is a little less convenient. Weaver only benefits from Echo Sabre’s stat bonuses until Lycan’s Aghanim’s Scepter comes online. Many Weaver players opt for an early Falcon Blade, which grants similar stats to Echo Sabre but costs twice as much. The incredibly complicated set-up needed to pull this off in a real match probably offsets the power of six simultaneous Weaver attacks. Morphling-Earthshaker is still the proven method of making a single physical attack hurt as much as possible.

Is Weaver’s double Geminate with Echo Sabre a glitch?

While Weaver himself is certainly a bug, it’s difficult to tell if his weird interaction with Echo Sabre is intended. However, orb effects like Ancient Apparition’s Chilling Touch and Silencer’s Glaives of Wisdom completely ignore it. Stacking on-hit effects like Curse of Avernus and Jingu Mastery work normally.

The biggest argument for Echo Sabre Weaver being a glitch comes from Wraith King. Normally, Mortal Strike will only proc on the first hit of Echo Sabre, but Wolf Bite turns both Echo hits into Mortal Strikes. Since a similar time-based effect is also not working as intended, it’s fair to label this wacky Lycan Weaver interaction a glitch. The test also proves that the issue is definitely Wolf Bite, not any particular hero or ability combination.


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