suffer shocking loss, new teams rise in Winners League

Steven Rondina • April 20, 23:59

A big part of Winners League is bringing together hot upstarts with established Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams. With two weeks of Season 2 now complete, fans are starting to see fresh teams gain footing and get shots at more known commodities.

Week two saw one of CS:GO’s biggest names get upset by a scarcely known opponent. At the same time, other squads are building their brands for potential showcases of their own.

It was a great week of action, and things are set to get even better from here.

Team of the Week: OFFSET Esports entered Winners League Season 2 as the favorites in their group, but they also entered with a target on their back. The former major winning organization is still one of the most identifiable brands in esports and adding a name like that to one’s resume can only help a team looking to break through to the next level.

OFFSET Esports was given a big opportunity when a matchup with popped up. The Portuguese team made the most of it by posting a lopsided 16-3 win, largely thanks to a monster 26-kill performance by OKTB.

OFFSET is now the only undefeated team in its group, and have a spot in the European playoffs nearly locked up with this win. This is also the kind of statement victory that could lead to big things for OFFSET in the coming months.

Play of the Week: ATK’s Full Save Victory

ATK was in a tricky spot in its showdown with Variance Gaming. The team had a sizable 12-6 lead on Train, but playing on the T side is a tightrope walk.

The team made something of a calculated risk by pulling an almost total save, but when Bilal “SPAMMER” Ali was slow to lock down the B bombsite with a molotov, the team had its chance to get the bomb down. That would have been a win on its own, but when ATK won a pair of duels that followed, things went completely off the rails for Variance.

The trades went back and forth and came down to a one versus one situation after Robby “blackpoisoN” da Loca scored a huge kill with a Zeus. He then stalled out the final seconds on the bomb timer to finish up the round win for ATK.

While a loss might have allowed Variance back into the game, ATK’s win put things completely out of reach. Variance never took another round and ATK won 16-6.

Game to Watch Next Week: Big Frames vs. Lazarus Esports

Big Frames has been one of the hottest acts in Winners League’s North America division. Despite playing in possibly the most competitive group in either region, the former Oceanic roster has looked very strong in its 3-0 opening to the season. That’s been enough to attract some attention, and the team has the chance to further turn heads with a matchup against Lazarus Esports this week.

The former Swole Patrol lineup needs no introduction for CS:GO fans and stands as the favorite to win the group. A win over one of North America’s best teams would be massive for Big Frames.

The teams are set to face off on April 23.


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