Viper is OP on Breeze, can take over sites without help

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 31, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Breeze is effectively Viper’s home turf as the poisonous agent is undefeatable in this wide-open map. Another new setup shows how Viper can overwhelm a site solo in the right hands. 

Handling large maps in Valorant is no cakewalk. Most agents are best suited to the tight quarters found on locations like Bind and Icebox. Fortunately, the roster has the feisty controller Viper, who is exceptional at blocking out larger areas. 

It’s much easier to get an entry into Breeze’s point A, but point B can be a handful. There’s only one narrow entrance, making it easier for defenders to scout and shoot down attackers one by one unless they’re splitting mid and B. This newly discovered setup for point B only requires Viper’s kit to break down enemy defenses quickly. 

For this setup, you’ll need Viper’s Snake Bite, Toxic Screen, and Poison Cloud. The equipment will block off crucial camping spots with deadly gas, allowing defenders easy entry to point B. Here’s how. 

It’s recommended to line up your smoke first and throw the rest of the utility when your team is ready to push. For the smoke, attach yourself to the right corner of the cobblestone wall, and aim towards the short entrance. Align the corner of your utility UI bar with the stone shown in the image. Jump and throw, but don’t active the smoke just yet. 

Blog post image

Move forward in the same area and find the little triangle on the floor shown below. Place your crosshair on the corner of this tile, and aim up along the left edge of the vines. Set your crosshair in the middle of the stone rift and leaves. Release the launcher to burn enemies on the left side of the gate. 

Use this same position to set up the second molotov. Just move your crosshair to the right and place it on top of this leaf shown in the image. Jump and then launch the device to clear possible enemies hiding behind a pillar. 

Blog post image

Once you have these three lineups in place, cue your teammates to push while placing down your Toxic Screen in a way that blocks the wall, mid entrance, and the entire right side. 

The molotovs will keep on-site agents blocked in their positions, allowing a safe path to point B. The toxic wall and smoke will ensure that teammates have enough time to pick a duel with vulnerable, weak defenders. Viper can save part of her kit by coordinating with teammates. 

This setup will come in handy in all rounds, especially if you’re playing solo and your squad refuses to pick agents with viable utility. With Viper as your primary pick, you barely need any help.