Valve rolls back some 7.20 changes with quick updates

By Neslyn Apduhan


Dec 3, 2018

Reading time: 2 min

Valve’s latest patch release has been quickly followed by a number of smaller updates to iron out changes that went too far.

Patch 7.20 brought changes that were bigger than what Dota 2’s developer anticipated. Players and analysts had mixed reactions on the drastic changes incorporated with the huge new patch.

7.20b, 7.20c, and 7.20d were released in the days following 7.20. These updates including changes nerfing items and heroes that were significantly impacted by the 7.20.

Dazzle was reworked in 7.20 with a new passive ability called Bad Juju that grants cooldown reduction and armor reduction. In the next series of patches, Dazzle received nerfs to both his Poison Touch and to Bad Juju. Poison Touch’s mana cost was increased while Bad Juju cooldown reduction and debuff duration were reduced.

After skyrocketing up the win rate charts in 7.20, Meepo received several nerfs in 7.20b. The new Ransack ability, which steals health amount from enemy heroes and heals all Meepos, was reduced in effectiveness. The hero’s agility gain was also reduced from 2.2 to 1.4.

Sand King was heavily buffed in 7.20 with the Sand Storm rework. This was also evident with the hero’s consistent placement near the top of the win rate chart. Sand King received consecutive nerfs in 7.20b, 7.20c, and 7.20d. Sand Storm’s cooldown and mana cost were increased, while his strength gain, agility gain, and base damage were all reduced.

Item reworks were also made to the new Sange and Yasha, Yasha and Kaya, and Phase Boots. Recipe costs for Wraith Band, Bracer, and Null Talisman was increased to 220 in 7.20c and gain to 240 in 7.20d.

Notable changes in 7.20 that remain include denied creeps give the denier 20% of the gold bounty instead of 25% experience, a new separate item slot dedicated to hold town portal scrolls, a new game state called Leashed that was added, and new notifications for dewarding.

The map was also revamped in 7.20 and was given a new look with changes in some high ground positions.


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