Valve disappoints players by skipping CS2 update on 25th anniversary

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 20, 2024

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Counter-Strike is 25 years old, and Valve surprised everyone by celebrating the silver jubilee milestone with a mere social media post.

Counter-Strike was released as a trailblazing first-person shooter on Jun 19, 1999. In 2024, it remains at the helm of its category with impeccable gunplay and advanced in-game mechanics. However, players are almost never pleased with the developer. This time, their discontent stems from Valve’s lackluster celebration of the CS2’s 25th anniversary.

Thanks to insiders and data miners, players were expecting a bombshell celebration in the form of CS2’s first-ever operation. However, Valve opted to offer players a lollipop with a post on X.

Did Valve release CS2 update?

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No. Despite leaks and reports, the operation was not released on the CS2’s 25th anniversary. Valve celebrated the anniversary by thanking its player base.

“A Half-Life mod which has spawned communities created memories and established the greatest esport of them all. We’re grateful to have the most passionate players in gaming,” CS2 said.

Data miners found clues pointing at a big CS2 update for June 19. The game servers went down for some time as DPRP was updated thrice. This confirmed that Valve was certainly cooking something, but it didn’t serve whatever it was on the CS2’s 25th anniversary on June 19.

This update, according to the leaks, would include an operation bringing in brand-new keychains, pets, and maps, including the iconic Pool Day from CS 1.6.

Leakers discovered that Valve had been constantly updating the game, which led them to believe that an operation may be in the works. While Valve did not release the update, the leakers are still confident that it is happening.

According to ThourCS, a credible CS2 data miner, the update will come sooner or later.

If that is true, then it means that the next update, which supposedly includes a brand new CS2 operation, is all set to go, and Valve only needs to make it public. It’s unknown what’s causing the CS2 update delay, but players should hang tight.


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