Valve announces the final end date for the TI10 Battle Pass

By Steven Rondina


Jun 20, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

The TI10 Battle Pass will be going away long before The International 10 arrives.

Valve has announced the shipment of a new update to Dota 2 designed to begin fixing issues related to the game’s struggling game coordinator, which has seen Dota 2 matchmaking slowed or even paused for players across the world in recent days. Alongside that news, Valve let the ending date for the TI10 Battle Pass slip.

The TI10 Battle Pass will close on September 19, 2020.

In the announcement, Valve also noted that it was originally planned to wrap up on September 12. The deadline was extended by a week due to the repeated downtime the game has experienced over the last week.

The fact that Valve announced the end of the TI10 Battle Pass well in advance is something of a surprise. While the official end for the TI Battle Pass usually comes in the immediate aftermath of the annual esports event, it’s usually kept vague and is often extended by a day or two as fans gripe that it came suddenly and that they didn’t have the chance to purchase levels and recycle items before it ended.

The bigger surprise is that the TI10 Battle Pass will evidently be completely detached from the actual TI event, outside of a portion of the revenue raised being added to the event’s prize pool.

When will The International 10 happen?

As one would expect, The International is a big part of The International Battle Pass each year. Valve promotes the blockbuster tournament using an in-game compendium that includes a number of features designed to drive engagement for the tournament. In years past, this has included a bracket, fantasy mini-game, and predictions for the top performers at the event.

Valve announced the indefinite postponement of The International 10 in April. While the expectation among many was for the battle pass to run all the way through to TI10, Valve clearly has other plans unless plans change between now and then.

While the TI10 Battle Pass is set to wrap up on September 19, there’s no indication that this will be anywhere near the launch of The International. Valve previously indicated that the event won’t take place until 2021, with the exact date and location still to be announced.

Valve-sponsored events aren’t set to return until the fall with the introduction of regional leagues at some point later in the year.


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