CSGO10 Sticker Contest

You can now get a sticker in CSGO for its 10th anniversary

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 30, 2022

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The legendary first-person shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is turning 10 soon, and Valve is set to celebrate the event. The developer has announced the CSGO10 sticker contest to commemorate the anniversary.

Since its release in 2012, CSGO has managed to net a massive player base and create a thriving esports ecosystem. Valve’s labor of love has set a precedent for both video game developers and fans. In 2022, a decade later, CSGO remains one of the top shooter games. 

To celebrate the success of its title over the 10 years, Valve has announced a community-focused event. The CSGO10 sticker contest will allow players to showcase their talent and love for CSGO. 

What has Valve planned for CSGO’s 10th anniversary? 

The developer is including the community in celebrating the iconic shooter’s birthday. CSGO10 is a community sticker contest to commemorate CSGO’s 10th anniversary on August 21 later this year. The submissions will later be turned into a capsule.

How to participate in the CSGO10 sticker contest

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The CSGO10 event is open for all, and it’s pretty simple to partake in it. Here’s how. 

Players can design their stickers with their own personal style and pizazz. The developer would look through submissions to find great stickers that depict the true spirit of CSGO. However, all stickers may be created in any style and all designs must be original, with the exception of CS logos or icons. The best stickers will later be added to the CS-themed sticker capsule.

There will undoubtedly be thousands of submissions, and some may miss the developer’s keen eye. To ensure that your entry remains on top of the pile, tag them with “CSGO10” in the title of the workshop (e.g., “CSGO10 | Sticker Name”).

When is the CSGO10 sticker deadline?

The submissions for the CSGO10 sticker contest have already started. The entries for this event must be completed and submitted to the workshop by July 21, 2022.

Valve will then sort through all the stickers and create a community capsule. This CSGO10 sticker pack will be released around CSGO’s 10th birthday on August 21, 2022. All items submitted for this event will still be eligible for future sticker capsules.


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