Valve allegedly flying streamers in to secretly test Counter-Strike 2

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 9, 2023

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Counter-Strike 2 leaks are picking up steam, as rumors now suggest that Valve has been flying out notable streamers to Seattle in order to test out the new game.

Counter-Strike 2 is the new talk of the town. There are so many rumors that it’s tough to believe anything. All we can do is pick up hints and put two and two together. That’s precisely what CSGO players are doing these days. Now, invested fans have noticed that notable CSGO streamers are eerily quiet about the rumors, which is curious. Not just that — Alexandre “Gaules” Borba Chiqueta’s tweets point at something big.

Gaules is CSGO’s biggest streamer. He’s one of the top names on Twitch, with 3.8 million subscribers. So, players had expected that Valve might have let him in on the big secret that is Counter-Strike 2. Their suspicions were confirmed when Gaules posted about his 17-hour trip to the US.

He also later hinted at traveling to Seattle, sending shockwaves across the community. The caption read, “Suddenly I felt a longing… Has anyone been to Seattle? It’s a cool place.”

Fans’ excitement was through the roof until some figured he was just using a Google image. Still, some deciphered that he’s probably planning to travel or hinting at Counter-Strike 2 playtest. But still, it’s tough to tell if he’s trolling or being serious.

However, rumors of other streamers and cs pros traveling to Seattle to test Counter-Strike 2 are also abundant. At this stage, anything is possible. According to reports, Counter-Strike 2 is just around the corner, so it’s not entirely wild to believe that the alpha playtest has begun. It’s standard for developers to have notable streamers try out the game before it goes live.

If anything, Valve is being extra secretive about it. Whatever the case, players will find out more about Counter-Strike 2 soon if it’s actually coming as soon as April 1. For now, dedicated players spend each night with their eyes peeled, waiting for the big Source 2 news to drop!


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