Valve addresses complaints with TI Battle Pass

Neslyn Apduhan • August 2, 14:32

Amidst rampant complaints from players, Valve has fixed the item drop rates for Immortal Treasures in this year’s Battle Pass.

The anticipated Immortal Treasure III from The International Battle Pass was released on July 31.  The Immortal items did not disappoint the community, as excited fans were quick to open their shiny new treasure chests.

High leveled Battle Pass owners were saddened when they were not rewarded the ultra-rare items from numerous treasure openings. The much sought after ultra-rares are the Phantom Assassin item from Immortal Treasure I, the Outworld Devourer item from Immortal Treasure II, and the Witch Doctor Bundle for Immortal Treasure III.

In the initial investigation, Valve found that the differences among the drop rates of these three ultra-rares were identical and assumed that the concerns were anecdotal cases. They also took into account that the volume of Treasure III is significantly less than Treasures I and II due to its exclusion from the Weekend Bundle Sale.

But more recently, Valve discovered a bug that existed among all Immortal Treasures causing drop rates to not escalate as quickly as was intended. The bug predominantly affected players who opened a large number of treasures.

Valve quickly fixed this bug and provided rerolls for Battle Pass owners, as well as 10 extra levels to each player’s Battle Pass.

Valve also addressed community complaints regarding the level 615 reward. Extra bundles were announced to Battle Pass owners who reach this level, included four of each Immortal Treasure.


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