Valorant’s Night. Market is back and better than ever

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 11, 2021

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Riot Games has surprised players with the unexpected return of Night. Market into the game. Valorant’s Night. Market has returned just two months after its premiere in December.

The discount shop initially went live in December as part of the holiday update, and players assumed that it was a one-time thing. However, the shop has returned to Valorant, allowing players to get some of the game’s premium skins

What has changed in Valorant Night. Market? 

Riot Games has made various changes to the newly furnished Night. Market. The developer promises that better skins will be up for grabs, as two premium edition skins are guaranteed to appear in the market, and at a discounted price. 

Night. Market is all about luck. Skins are put on sale, but players only get a few options that are selected at random. The second edition of the Night. Market boasts an improved randomizer that will guarantee players won’t see skins for the same gun more than twice, giving players the ability to deck out their entire arsenal.  Players that have all the premium skins are guaranteed to have six unique options.

How does Night. Market work in Valorant? 

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Valorant skin bundles are just as expensive as they are visually pleasing. Premium edition skins are certainly eye-catching, but the prices will drain anyone’s bank accounts. Riot Games introduced the Night. Market in December as a solution for fans of Valorant cosmetics that have a budget. 

Players can find the Night. Market through a new tab on the main menu. Unlike the regular skin store, Valorant’s Night. Market doesn’t refresh. Instead, players can only flip one slot and must buy the revealed skin to re-flip the slot. The game provides a total of six initial skins available at discounted rates to choose from. Players can draw all six slots until they get lucky and find the weapon cosmetic they were looking for. It’s also important to note that the discount applies on a single skin, not an entire bundle. 

Valorant’s Night. Market will be available from February 10 to February 23. 


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