Valorant’s most magical bundle has been revealed, and fans love it

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 25, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant Episode 9 is upon us, bringing heaps of new content, including a battle pass packed with weapon skins, player cards, and gun buddies. But, all eyes are on Evori Dreamwings bundle, inspired by magical girls.

Riot has finally listened to the fanbase, releasing a pastel-themed bundle for those who like some glitter in their deadly weapons.

Evori Dreamwings bundle includes tiny animals as companions. Each weapon has its own companion in a unique color that changes size upon animation. So, when the weapon is equipped, players can enjoy the seemingly innocent friends turn into cute savages as soon as you pull the trigger. Upon inspection, the figurines spawn out of the weapon and turn into a much larger version of themselves, dancing around the guns.

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Overall, this is the most unique bundle in Valorant so far, and players love it. Here’s each companion with their name for their respective guns:

  • Lunari cat for Vandal
  • Solari mouse for Odin
  • Terrari rabbit for Spectre
  • Amari bear for Ghost
  • Evori butterfly for melee

While each companion has a unique color, the weapons all come in different variants. A total of three colors are available for Evori Dreamwings skins, all with a magical appearance accompanied by tiny animals.

The melee is absolutely adorable. It’s basically a bow knife in ice blue and has a new animation that plays a cute magical sound as stardust flies by. An animated butterfly rests in the center and twirls around the melee upon inspection.

Evori Dreamwings bundle price and release date

Evori Dreamwings bundle will enter the Valorant store on June 27, after Episode 9 has gone live on June 25.

The price of the bundle will be around 9,900 Valorant points. Players can also purchase individual skins at 2,475 per gun and 4,950 for the melee, but the entire bundle would be a much cheaper deal.