Valorant EP 6 cinematic hints at an Indian map with three sites

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 5, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Fans may think Haven is a bit too much to handle, but Riot is sticking to the unique map plan — at least if the Valorant episode 6 cinematic is to be believed. 

Typically, a 5v5 FPS map is set with two sites divided by a middle area. But Riot has been experimenting with unique layouts, and most of them have been successful. Bind’s no mid, and Fracture’s split spawn has grown on players, but some of these experiments have fans on edge. For example, Haven’s triple site remains a controversial topic of discussion in a room full of Valorant enthusiasts. 

However, Riot seems to like what it created. The latest Valorant episode 6 cinematic was entertaining, immersive, and shocking. Those who managed to look away from Fade’s fierce get-up in a nightclub noticed the upcoming map nine’s layout featuring three sites. 

Valorant map nine might have three bomb sites 

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Cinematic for Valorant episode 9, dubbed Revelation, is filled with emotion and mystery. And, while the trailer is undoubtedly a treat, those who mean business had their eyes peeled for any sign of the lost city. The mysterious building at the end of the trailer is likely to map nine, but that gives away nothing. The real deal is hidden in the club scene moments before Fade puts a bouncer to sleep. 

In the nightclub, the Alpha earth Fade steals the mobile-like device of a bouncer and peaks at the lost city layout. The glowing radar pins three different points at the map, suggesting that a map similar to Haven might be on the horizon. 

Valorant Episode 6 cinematic confirms Indian map

This triple site location is set in India, confirmed early in the cinematic when Harbor and Astra enter the city. 

The cinematic begins with Harbor and Astra in quest of the lost city. From the previous teasers, we know that the pair is from Alpha Earth, so far, the good guys in Valorant. On the other side of the earth, Omega Fade indulges in risky business to find information regarding the said city. While Omega Sage and Omen prepare to take control of the map, their teammates, Killjoy, Jett, and Raze, share a warm meal in Korea. 

Once Fade decodes the information, the Omega lot gathers at the lotus city, right when Harbor and Astra arrive at the same spot. Now, that is where the battle will begin and continue for the rest of the episode. The four-minute-long cinematic has provided a good look into the foundation and backstory of the map. The weather looks summery, and the ambiance is old-school, on beat with the now-deleted map Bind. 

Valorant Episode 6 will kick start on January 9. It will mark the return of Split, removing Breeze and Bind from the pool. Map nine will also become playable for the rest of the episode.