Valorant shows 14th Agent Yoru in action for the first time

By Olivia Richman


Jan 9, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

As Episode 2 of Valorant approaches, Riot dropped a cinematic trailer named Retake that heavily features Agent 14, who was previously leaked to have the name Yoru. 

It starts with Phoenix tensely talking with an off-camera voice about defusing a Spike and taking back a site on Icebox. Jett, Cypher, and Viper can be seen patrolling the area. 

“Don’t rush me,” the mysterious voice says. 

“We don’t have time!” Phoenix responds in a panic. 

When Phoenix grows impatient and starts confronting the opposing team, Yoru finally appears. Well, somewhat. As Cypher trains his sniper’s crosshairs on Phoenix through his flames, some footsteps can be seen in the snow, making their way towards the unsuspecting agent. 

Yoru then tears open a hole from another dimension, appearing suddenly in front of Cypher wearing an Oni mask. Agent 14 reveals his real face and then shoots the shocked agent from the ground, leaving Cypher to fall to his death. 

The blue-haired agent then focuses on Jett, who has used her abilities to get a higher vantage point. Viewers then see another possible ability from Agent 14. A blue ball appears in his hand, which he leaves behind as he makes his way over to Jett. When she suddenly appears behind him, Agent 14 is prepared. He activates the blue ball, which turns into a teleporter that he’s able to faze to. 

After taking care of Jett, Agent 14 rushes to the Spike, which is about to detonate. A cocky Phoenix approaches him, but Agent 14 quickly shoots him, too. The facade crumbles, revealing Jett was still alive. Phoenix appears and asks “What’d you do that for?” before the two banter off into the sunset.

The cinematic adds context to the skills that were previously leaked for Yoru, and show the 14th Agent to be a highly mobile character designed around out-playing opponents. Riot did not officially confirm the agent’s name to be Yoru in the video, but did so in a tweet.

When does Yoru arrive in Valorant?

Riot Games confirmed that Yoru will be added to Valorant on January 12 with the launch of Episode 12.

Yoru fits into many of the expectations fans had based on popular theories and Easter eggs throughout the past few months. Since the beginning of December, Valorant players figured he would be a samurai-like character based on hints they’d discovered on one of the maps. Many theorized that Agent 14 would manipulate time in some way, acting as an invisible agent.

Given his invisibility skills and ability to teleport to a projectile he places, there are clear similarities to Overwatch hero Sombra. It will be interesting to see how he ends up fitting into Valorant as a whole, and whether his kit will translate to pro play.