Valorant should copy this great skin feature from CSGO

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 1, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players have some recommendations for Riot Games. They think Valorant may benefit from a unique CSGO inventory feature. 

Valorant players can’t get enough of the animated skins Riot continues to roll out. Some time ago, players requested Riot introduce custom inventories to use multiple skins for the same weapon across different games. CSGO players have already been benefiting from a similar feature that lets them easily enjoy different skins. 

Considering the speed with which Riot rolls out in-game cosmetics, it may be time the developer adopts an attacker and defender-side skin feature like in CSGO. Players have been asking for custom inventories, but a side-specific arsenal makes more sense. Here’s how it works in CSGO.

Valorant players want a CSGO skin feature

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Over the years, Valve has released dozens of extravagant skins that cost a lot of money. But these hefty price tags don’t stop CSGO players from investing their hard-earned money in these skins. This may in part be because CSGO players can get more out of their expensive weapons. Not only can they sell their guns after using them for a time, CSGO players can also equip different skins for the same gun within the same game. This allows them to use even more skins and weapons. 

CSGO players can pick a different skin for each weapon on each side. All they have to do is click on “replace for CT/T” on their favorite skin while in-game, and they can enjoy two skins. Now Valorant players want the same feature, as Riot has successfully rolled out over 25 skin bundles since the release. It makes sense why players would like this feature if you add Battle Pass skins and exclusive additions to the count. That’s a lot of skins already in the game.

A similar inventory system would allow Valorant players to equip different skins on both the attacking and defending side. As soon as the round switches, your defender Vandal skin will be gone. Instead you can flex a whole new look on the other side. This feature would not only help out Valorant players. Riot will also benefit from it. Players may start buying more weapon cosmetics once they start using more of them in the game. 

While this is a great feature, it’s unlikely Riot will copy the exact implementation found in CSGO However, Valorant developers are highly responsive, and players have repeatedly demanded a custom inventory feature. So don’t be surprised if Riot Games adds a similar system in the future that lets players flex all of their Valorant skins more easily.