Valorant run it back

Valorant Run It Back bundle leaked, includes premium skins

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 13, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Prepare your wallets because Valorant leakers have unveiled yet another skin bundle after the Snowball collection. 

Valorant data miners have leaked another skin bundle after the Snowball collection, but this one has plenty of eye-catching skins. Riot Games continued its tradition of celebrating Christmas with an ice-cold Snowball bundle, which was quite a letdown for the excited players. However, a brand new collection has been leaked, and it features premium Valorant skins.

This is likely a new year bundle, which will bring back some of the incredibly sought-after Valorant skins. Evident from the name “Run It Back,” the bundle will include community-favorite items that have left the market. Players will get another shot at buying five premium skins in a single Valorant bundle. 

Valorant Run It Back bundle will include: 

  • Origin Operator
  • Forsaken Vandal
  • Tethered realms Ghost
  • Prime 2.0 Odin
  • Recon Spectre

Origin was a hit skin line among the Valorant community as it brought unique circular weapon animations to the game. Players have been trying to get their hands on Recon guns, but the market rarely ever brings them back. This bundle will be highly valued due to the collection of five premium skins in one place. While individual skins may not mean much, no skin collector would want to miss out on an opportunity to buy a five-premium stack. 

This isn’t the first time Riot Games has brought back star skins into one collection. The previous throwback collection contained five exclusive items, including a high-in-demand Oni Phantom. Another skin bundle was custom-made with community votes to collect funds for charity.

Sakura has also returned to the market, so not all hope is lost for those who miss out on buying rare skins. However, this one will be released as part of Valorant’s new-year in-game cosmetics. 

How much will Run It Back 2021 bundle cost? 

Run It Back bundle will be released in the premium tier, which means individual skin items would cost 1,775 Valorant points. The entire collection will set you back 5,936 VP.

When is the Run It Back 2021 bundle releasing? 

It’s unknown when this bundle will arrive, but since Snowball has already been leaked as a Christmas cosmetic, Run It Back should be rolled out as a new year bundle. The Run It Back content will likely be released at the end of December 2021. The second skin line should be released two weeks after the first one.