Valorant rewards player for dealing 10 million damage to damage range bot

By Olivia Richman


Jan 24, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

A Valorant record has seemingly been broken. 

The Reddit user shared a video of themself dealing 10 million damage to a damage firing range bot, breaking the previous record for this impressive yet tedious task. After hitting 10 million, the player was automatically kicked from the server, prompting other fans to joke that the game was concerned over the sanity of someone who would attempt such a feat. 

The player admitted it took an entire day of attempts to reach 10 million damage to the damage range bot. This came because the game kept disconnecting him after he reached various high levels of damage. The Reddit user said later on that he didn’t want to admit the actual numbers.

Some fans questioned why the player would use the Classic to reach the damage score. The player responded that he only used that gun “just at the end for memetic purposes,” but was using the “most efficient way possible” to reach 10 million before that. 

The dedication it took to reach such a high damage count impressed the Valorant community. One player even called for the record-breaker to be given a gun buddy for his efforts, noting it probably took him ages to reach such a score. 

Valorant devs praise player that dealt 10 million damage to bot

Valorant’s art lead Sean Marino seemed to agree. 

“That’s as good a reason as any. What’s your in-game name and tag?” Marino wrote on Reddit

The devoted Valorant player immediately thanked the developer, saying that the record “took more work than it looks.” He added that players always love when Marino interacts with the Valorant subreddit. The Valorant community then asked to see the gun buddy they received. The player shared a screenshot of them using the gun buddy, which shows the Riot Games logo in a hexagonal charm. It doesn’t hurt that it was given to him exclusively by a Valorant developer. 

“I will switch between the Phantom and the Vandal depending on whatever I play the most at the moment. Best gift,” the player exclaimed. 

Valorant damage record

The player noted that his record might not be physically possible to beat since the game appears to boot players who reach 10 million. They were also confident that they have completed this task in the fastest way possible with the best techniques. 

“I made calculations for every weapon. You need to consider not only the fire rate but also the headshot multiplier. Because of this Phantom was the best one, Vandal second place,” the record-breaker explained. 

The Valorant player has now been called a “legend” by others in the community. Fans will have to step up their dedication and creativity if they want to catch the eye of Valorant developers in the future. The bar has definitely been raised. 


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