Valorant reveals new ranked gun buddies as Episode 1 rewards

Olivia Richman • December 14, 20:11

You’ll soon be able to end 2020 with gun buddies that show off your Valorant rank. 

The first episode of Valorant is coming to a close. But that doesn’t mean players should stop grinding up the competitive ranks. Riot recently revealed on Twitter that players will receive gun buddies in Episode 2 based on the rank they ended up at by the end of Episode 1. 

“Keep climbing before your Act Rank locks on January 11 and upgrade your EP1 gun buddy,” Valorant tweeted, noting that Episode 2’s gun buddies would come in early 2021. 

The tweet also provided a photo of all the gun buddies. There’s one for each rank, ranging from Iron to Immortal. This will allow players to show off how well they performed in Episode 1, which lasted for six months in 2020. 

Valorant player’s Act Ranks will be locked on January 11. That’s less than a month away, giving players just a few weeks to keep grinding for their gun buddy. 

Act Ranks reflect how many wins a player has during the Act. It also takes into account a player’s top nine wins, reflecting their proven skill during that timeframe. Players can see their rank preserved as a badge that can be attached to a calling card. Because of the new gun buddies, players can also show their rank on their weapons in-game. 

Valorant ranked gun buddy

Where will you end up at the end of Episode 1 Act III? It’s time to keep climbing to lock in a higher rank by January 11th. 


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