Valorant release gives competitive gamers a new outlet

Albert Sheng • June 18, 22:07

There has recently been a sharp increase in entertainment activities online, including gaming, streaming, and the use of social media. Most media companies have been working towards providing consumers with more features and services on their phones and computers to take advantage of free time that people increasingly have at home.

Some game developers have been offering games for free during this time, while streaming services have been getting more titles on-board to give people more options in their pursuit of entertainment. There are many more games available to play on smartphones today than ever before, with even online casino games being an option for players.

One of the most-awaited games of the year has been finally launched, as Valorant is now available on the PC in select regions.

Developed by Riot Games, the release of Valorant followed a closed beta that broke records, with millions of people signing up for it. Valorant is a tactical first-person shooter game with 5v5 games played using a variety of interesting characters.

Players have to choose their character at the start of the game, and are then locked in with their choice for the duration of the match. Games are played to the best of 24 rounds, with attackers fighting against defenders. The game is set on Earth in the future, with each of them having a unique set of abilities which need to be used in conjunction with those of other characters for a team to be properly successful.

Riot Games has prioritised gameplay, with the company claiming that all players will have high-quality gameplay and performance with a global network of data centers ensuring minimal lag in most major cities around the world. The game also uses a proprietary software to detect and prevent cheating.

According to the developer, one of the biggest draws for fans is the different characters, which are called agents. The emphasis has been on providing a system similar to League of Legends for fans to get involved with their characters and thus be able to truly immerse themselves in the game.

Each agent has unique abilities, so a successful team will need to have different agents working together cohesively to be able to win matches. Some can gather information, while others are great at defending locations, scouting, or breaching enemy defences with explosives. All of these abilities will be needed for teams wanting to be most successful.

As it is only available in select regions for now, players in India, for example, are having to rely on remote servers. Riot Games has said that servers supporting South Asia and the Middle East will come online later in the year. Players in South Asia will thus be playing on the Southeast Asia servers for now.

The game is only available on the PC for now, but Riot has indicated that it is considering launching the title on consoles like Xbox and PlayStation in the future. Riot may even release the game for smartphones as well, in order to reach more consumers and provide more people with the opportunity to play the game.

Even though Riot Games has stated that PC games remain its focus for now, it has also said that building cross-platform games requires a different approach, one they further may consider in the future.


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