Valorant release date revealed, new character and map teased

Morten Marstal • May 22, 2020 4:15 am

After much anticipation, Valorant has a release date and some more news relating to its development.

The free-to-play shooter will be released on June 2. The closed beta will end just five days earlier on May 28. Many players have already had the opportunity to get their hands on the game in the closed beta but on June 2, anyone who wishes to play can download the game and start playing. 

The closed beta for Valorant went live on April 7 and the only way to get a beta key, besides being personally gifted one by Riot Games, is to watch streams that had drops enabled. Tournaments for the game started popping up almost immediately and the game has had the look of a serious esports title that can take on rival shooters Overwatch and Counter-Strike. 

All progress for every player will be reset, but all purchases made on skins and cosmetic items in the beta period will be reimbursed with an extra 20% for supporting the game early. 

Alongside Valorant release date, new map and hero inbound

A shiny new release date isn’t the only thing that executive producer Anna Donlon and game director Joe Ziegler shared. At launch, fans will be treated to a new game mode, a new character, and a new map. The foot of the new character has been hilariously revealed on their Twitter account. 

The thumbnail of the release date video has been confirmed by Valorant as a photo of the new map. The picture has a canal with a bridge hanging over it, with boats alongside the walls of the canal. It seems the map will be set in Italy.

Along with these new features, Riot also plans to add new Valorant servers around the world in locations including Atlanta, Dallas, London, Madrid and Warsaw. This will provide more players with a smoother online gaming experience.

It is anticipated that many fans will flock to the game the second it launches and as with most game launches, there is a general expectation of server issues while trying to connect to the game. With a new map, a new character, and a new game mode, there is no shortage of reasons why fans are excited for June 2.


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