Valorant players think remake system is flawed

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 5, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

After nitpicking about Deathmatch, Valorant players are now unhappy with how the remake works. 

Valorant is a team game, so losing even one player to a poor network connection can spell disaster. For this reason, Riot has a remake system in place that allows players to re-queue in case one of the players disconnects for whatever reason. But this system is far from perfect, and players want improvements. 

Remake requires positive votes from the entire team. If even one player votes against it, everyone will be forced into a 4V5. The community wants Riot to review the remake voting and make necessary tweaks. 

Valorant players want an automated remake


According to the community, 4v5 shouldn’t be permissible in any scenario. Even if one player votes for a rematch, it should be accepted. However, this may have consequences as well, with many misusing voting for personal reasons. To make it a completely neutral process, the community came up with an “automated remake system.”

An automated remake would restart the game without any sort of voting after detecting that a player has left the game. The system would wait two rounds for the player to return, then annul the game. This method would likely be the best, at least as compared to one vote for the remake, according to the broader Valorant community. 

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Currently, duos often vote against the remake if their friend disconnects. Due to the remake round limitation, the remaining three players get stuck in a full game of 4V5. This is both unfair and annoying. An automatic remake system will ensure fair play where everyone can enjoy the game.

It’s unlikely that a tweak to the remake system is currently on Riot’s radar, but players are hopeful that developers would read their public discussion and consider making changes.