Valorant players reject “overpriced, lazy” Zedd bundle

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 22, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant’s most expensive Spectrum skin bundle may have taken the market by storm, but dedicated players aren’t all fans. 

Riot Games’ shooter is known for its cut extravagant, pricy in-game cosmetics that only a few can afford. While almost all skins cost big bucks, the latest ZEDD x Valorant bundle comes for a whopping 10,700 VP, which is equivalent to about $110. A large number of players don’t think it’s worth the money.

Spectrum is Valorant’s most expensive bundle to date. While some players were quick to grab the guns, others are still questioning its hefty price tag. A recent poll revealed that most Valorant players think that the skin line is “lazy” and overpriced. 

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The Spectrum bundle costs a fortune for many reasons. Firstly, it’s Valorant’s first creator collaboration ever. Secondly, the collection may appear simple and clean, but it features a highly over-the-top kill finisher unlike anything else in the game. Players can technically hold an in-game concert with ZEDD’s inspect element when combined with the round finisher. All these elements explain the 10,700 VP cred tag, but still, players are not convinced. 

ZEDD has meticulously worked on the sound elements of the skin line, which is one of the crucial parts of any good weapon. Still, the poll showed that only 32% of 8,200 voters saw sufficient value in the Spectrum bundle. The rest thought it could have been better or didn’t warrant its price.

Most seem to agree that it’s impressive but the vast majority don’t seem interested. Even if they are interested, many are just buying the knife or Phantom skin instead of the full bundle. 

Should you buy Valorant Spectrum bundle? 

Most Valorant players believe that the Spectrum bundle isn’t a strong value. Still, mileage will vary and the ZEDD skin bundle is undoubtedly a unique one.

The Phantom skin is likely the best option as it’s one of the most-used weapons in the game. Investing money on a primary rifle might help land satisfactory kills and bolster in-game inventory. The melee weapon, on the other hand, isn’t anything special. The same goes for the 2,645 VP worth Classic skin, which is too pricey for a sidearm that rarely comes in use.