Valorant players have found a game-breaking Omen glitch

Jessica Scharnagle • December 31, 21:43

Valorant players have found two Omen ultimate glitches that have made it possible for the agent to kill enemies while invulnerable. 

The glitch was originially discovered as a bug that allows players to use any abilities while also prepping a smoke. Plyers were able to replicate the bug by pulling out the smoke, then holding right click so that it was as close to the player as possible. While holding right click, players can use any other ability and also deploy the smoke while using the other ability with no delays. 

This bug isn’t the only one that was discovered, because shortly after the original bug was posted, another player reported a new bug that allows players to kill enemies while still inside of the smoke. It was discovered that players can cast both the smoke and Omen’s ultimate at the same time, which enables players to shoot and cast skills while still invulnerable. 

Although this latest discovery can only be used when Omen’s ult comes up, the first bug discovered makes it easier for players to farm up an ult and thus to use it more often. Players are worried that it will impact their competitive rankings the more the bug is shared around the community. 

When will the Omen bug be fixed?

Riot has not publically acknowledged the bug’s existence, nor has it issued a timeframe for when a fix might be implemented. The issue is already widespread and known among players, but with the new year’s holiday, it is uncertain when the team will acknowledge and fix the issues with Omen that players are reporting. 

This certainly isn’t the first time bugs have broken the game. Recently, there was a bug that allowed Killjoy to place turrets underneath the map, and Sage being able to cast her wall before the round was allowing Omen to teleport to otherwise unintended locations. These bugs were acknowledged by Valorant’s development team on November 30 and fixed on December 1, so players are hopeful that this latest round of bugs will be addressed with the same urgency.


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