Valorant players can now reveal enemies inside TP with Fade

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 6, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Fade is the perfect antidote to Bind’s teleporter tricks. The automatic doors can be annoying to deal with, but not when Fade is watching. 

Bind’s teleporters reshaped the concept of rotation. Riot Games introduced the gimmick to cut flanks and add detail to shooter maps. But that’s not all these doors are used for. Trolls love Bind’s teleporters. They’re a great hiding spot to save weapons and an excuse for non-serious players to waste time. Since you can’t break in, it can be tricky to wrap up the round quickly. 

Thanks to Valorant’s paper walls, teleporter doors are pennable. But knowing where to shoot is impossible if you’re on the solid side of the door. That’s where Fade comes in, as she can now reveal enemies inside TP using a special Haunt trick. 

How to reveal enemies inside TP as Fade

Sova’s dart may be able to enter the TP from the other side, but it’s breakable. This new Fade trick keeps the watcher in the middle of the door, making it a tricky one to crack. 

For this trick, walk closer to the TP and place your crosshair at the center of the door. Release the Haunt while aiming downwards. The ability will bloom into a watcher stuck between the gates. It’ll quickly expose the enemy’s position inside the TP for as long as it stands. Capitalize on this intel and spray down revealed enemies from outside. If you have a powerful weapon like a Vandal, the enemy should die in a few bullets. 

This wicked lineup is either a new mechanic or a bug. Many believe that it’s just another TP glitch, but it seems unlikely. Fade’s watcher differs from other independent powers in the game in that it can’t slide through solid objects. Her Haunt slipping inside the door isn’t bizarre as it is essentially a supernatural creature. But, if enemies inside the TP can’t break it, then it’s likely a major bug, and players should refrain from using it. 

How to play Fade in Valorant?

Riot hasn’t commented on this glitch yet. This isn’t the first time TPs are at the center of a significant bug. Many other agents have toyed with the flawed doors, but they were fixed quickly. 

Is Fade good on Bind? 

On a map like a Bind, intel gathering is crucial on attack due to tight chokepoints. Entering the site without clearing a few angles is like willingly walking into a lion’s den. Fade can gather information better than anyone else on Bind, making her a viable pick. Be sure to use Haunt wisely, as this TP technique requires a charge towards the end of the round.