Valorant Deadlock

Valorant patch 7.0 goes live with Deadlock and new Deathmatch

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 27, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Players can now play Deadlock in Valorant in brand new TDM mode, going live in patch 7.0.

Valorant TDM mode and Agent 23 have been in the works for months now. After a slew of teasers and trailers, Riot has announced patch 7.0, which includes Valorant Agent 23, new game mode TDM, progression system, and bug fixes. 

Here’s everything that’s coming in Valorant patch 7.0. 

Deadlock has officially been released 

Valorant Deadlock

Agent 23 will become playable in patch 7.0. The Norwegian sentinel is tech-savvy, with numerous devices and traps in her toolkit. Deadlock has a Barrier Mesh, Sonic Sensor, and a GravNet as her essential ability. Her tornado ultimate is called Annihilation, which results in instant death upon collision with the enemy if they cannot escape.

Deadlock will join Cypher, Killjoy, Chamber, and Sage in the sentinel category, giving the Moroccan spy tough competition. So far, her toolkit seems balanced, but only practical meta would tell how she plays out. 

TDM mode starts in Valorant patch 7.0

Besides Deadlock, TDM will also enter Valorant in patch 7.0. Here’s how TDM works:

  • Custom loadout for each player
  • Weapon spawner spots to upgrade guns
  • Healing and ultimate orbs
  • All abilities can be recharged
  • Spawn rooms

TDM mode will be played on new custom maps Piazza, District, and Kasbah, starting in Valorant Episode 7. 

The progression system will also go live, allowing players to unlock agents by earning Kingdom Credits. This is a free currency, which can be attained by playing the game. Here’s everything players can purchase with free KC: 

  • Agents from the Agent Store
  • Agent Gear
  • Previous Battlepass Accessories: Gun Buddies, Player Cards, Sprays, and Titles

Riot has also ironed out some kinks in the game in new patch, including Chamber, Yoru, and Cypher bugs. Starting this patch, players will also be able to purchase previous battle pass contents, excluding the skins using KC. All of this goes live on June 27-28, depending on your time zone.