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Valorant patch 6.11 finally ends the “run and gun” meta

By Fariha Bhatti


May 29, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Do you also hate the “run and gun” warriors in Valorant? Patch 6.11 may finally end them with a readjusted Error Power. 

Since day one, Valorant players have had one common complaint: run and gun. To fix this issue, Riot has introduced multiple tweaks to weapons, but to no avail. So finally, the developer has added a no-nonsense solution to remove high accuracy for mobile shooters in Valorant. 

Patch 6.11 will punish less accurate people by readjusting to Riot’s “center biasing.” Here’s what it means in simple terms. 

What’s Error Power in Valorant? 

Valorant agents

When you’re running or even standing still, not all your bullets are always 100% accurate. But Riot “biases” bullets towards the center for boosted accuracy. Error Power is Riot’s way of rewarding accurate players by adjusting their spray and shots. This applied even to those who had high accuracy while moving. 

Here’s how Riot describes itError Power (also known as Center Biasing for us) is a tool we utilize to reward accuracy by biasing shots toward the center of the crosshair.

But, going into patch 6.11, Riot is adjusting center biasing to increase the reward for stationary players. Those who shoot while running will experience inaccuracy due to reduced center biasing. Meaning bullets fired while moving will have a higher chance of being further from the center of the crosshair.

Previously, Riot was biasing bullets toward the center to be accurate, but this favor is now only for stationary or walking players. This is a huge improvement to Valorant gunplay, as players often exploited weapons like the Shorty, Phantom, and more. Shooting will now require more effort instead of just spraying and praying.

It remains to be seen how this works in practical play, but so far, the change sounds excellent for players who are tired of the run and gun meta in Valorant.