Valorant Night. Market

Valorant Night. Market returns

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 9, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Valorant cosmetics can be a bit too pricey, but players can still enjoy the animated cosmetic without spending big bucks thanks to the Valorant Night. Market. It’s back with cut-price skins. 

Riot Games’ tactical shooter is unique in many ways, but its animated in-game bundles bring tons of pizzazz to the realistic FPS genre. Unfortunately, these cosmetics aren’t affordable for all. The extravagant skins can put a strain on your wallet but fret not. A Valorant thrift store allows all players to equip the fancy weapons in the game. 

This act’s Night. Market is here, and it will feature some of the best skins at cheap rates in Valorant. 

When is Valorant Night. Market? 

The Valorant Night. Market begins on December 9 and will throughout the month. Players must shop their favorite skins within the limited to avail the discount rates. 

The Episode 3 Act 3′s Night. Market is going to be extra special as Riot Games has rolled out tons of new skin bundles that were way out of players’ price range. Most Valorant players chose to wait for the thrift store instead of buying the rare bundles are original price. ,

What’s Night. Market in Valorant? 

During Christmas of 2020, Riot Games introduced the Night. Market, which was initially thought to be a holiday-specific feature. The developer later made it a regular part of the game, bringing it back every two months. The feature is like a virtual thrift store for guns, where weapon skins are available for cut-price. Since Valorant bundles can be extremely pricey, Night. Market is a hit among fans. 

Where is Night. Market? 

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The Valorant Night Market can be found on top of the menu tab. A mysterious new card appears among other options whenever Night Market becomes available. Click on this card to unveil items listed on your cut-price shop. The shop disappears after a limited period of time, so players must be quick with their shopping.

How does the Valorant market work? 

The shop has a total of six cards that can be re-rolled unless you shop for something. Skins are put on sale, but players only get a few options that are selected at random. If you don’t like the guns on your first six slots, you can ask for more by shopping for an item from the chosen slot. The card will switch to a different weapon, expanding your options as you keep buying. 

Previously, the Valorant Night. Market often featured low-tier weapons, prompting a negative response from the players. The older cards entirely depended on luck. Some used to get the best Night Night market slots, while others got stuck with minimal skins.

Considering the feedback, Riot Games updated the market by ensuring at least two Premium weapons on everyone’s cut-price list. The developer also removed the possibility of getting two skins for the same weapon to increase the variety on offer.